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  1. lumberjackzac

    DIY Multi-port Injection Kit. *wip*

    Disclaimer:- This info is for community usage only. You are welcome to use the information contained in this thread, but I take NO responsibility for any discrepancies, injuries, or catastrophic damage that results from improperly modifying your car. You assume all liability when YOU decide to...
  2. lumberjackzac

    WTB Mk7 cooked fuel controller unit

    Looking for a fuel controller that failed due to fuel pump upgrade drawing too many amps. Closest to Las Vegas would be best. I'll pay shipping.
  3. lumberjackzac

    What happened to Erwin access?

    I had purchased a 1-day license from them last year and I'm needing some new information. I go to check-out and it's a little different. Now they want an "Erwin ID"? TLDR looking for WM mk7 GTI Ecu pin-out and wiring for the ignition coils and fuel system.
  4. lumberjackzac

    Drop-in direct injectors from A4, S3, Golf R into GTI

    Can you just drop in Golf R, S3, A4 injectors into a GTI without a tune or issues? Lots of parts numbers suggest this. I would like to send a set of 06L906036K to injector RX clinic for cleaning and 5% more fuel sounds mildly interesting Looks like I'll pay more for cleaning
  5. lumberjackzac

    Don't use spaces, especially not with studs

    I'm sure plenty of you will still use spacers which is fine, just be warned. Something happens and it doesn't matter if you grease them. I put a set of flush out spacers on my stock wheels Summer of 2017. From amazon because all the bolts were different lengths and I'll always go for cheap...
  6. lumberjackzac

    AC coded incorrectly

    Hey I was messing around with my OBD11 trying to activate the Colder AC settings and I did something wrong. AC will not run. I'm seeing that the "duration of compressor run-in" and "gear ratio engine AC compressor" are both 0. Definitely shouldnt be Can somebody pull their AC settings...
  7. lumberjackzac

    Volkswagen ludicrous cruise control

    Did you know NAR VW mk7 gti is speed limited to 126mph BUT you can turn cruise control all the way up to 130mph... [emoji848] Try it Where is the logic!?
  8. lumberjackzac

    Intermittent EPC P00B700 shortly after starting vehicle

    This is the 3rd time I've had the Limp mode EPC light in 6 months and limited RPMs within about 30 seconds after starting car. I can clear codes and drives absolutely normal. Already had aluminum revision water pump. Codes are for coolant efficiency decreased and car starts blowing fans at...
  9. lumberjackzac

    Where do y'all take used oil, like 28 gallons?

    Just driving to every auto parts store around town but usually they only take 2 gallons at a time. Ideas? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. lumberjackzac

    Oil leaks/oil vapor leaks: filler cap, pcv trap, hoses, etc

    Tired of your VW oil filler cap leaking and making a mess? Why is it there is so much dirt around the #3 and #4 ignition coils? They are leaking perhaps only vapor but oil settles and creates sticky mess which then dirt sticks to. Even after adding o-ring to oil cap still leaks!! They are NOT...
  11. lumberjackzac

    OBD2 dead

    I had my original battery die and refuse to charge up at all overnight. I had to jump the car. I have JB4 constantly plugged into the port. Car develops lighting malfunction error after getting new battery bigger better -interstate 48 AGM. Headlights are just on when the car is on, no control...
  12. lumberjackzac

    Walnut blast valves 2016 mk7 lots of pictures

    Why walnut blast intake valves? Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR is mandatory on all vehicles nowadays) sends oil vapor back through intake and carbon builds up on valves. Port injection vehicles dissolve this with detergent in the fuel flowing over the valves. Direct ignition engines without...
  13. lumberjackzac

    Polyurethane pour into OEM. Interest for group?

    Looking if there were some people out there that were interested in OEM+ type engine mount for the right price. I don't wanna get into price until I crunch numbers but if enough people would like this, I'll do it. Also planning on casting the suspension bushings shortly and doing full set of...
  14. lumberjackzac

    WTB: stock Engine Trans Mounts

    Looking for engine and transmission mounts I can tear down and rebuild in full poly. I think going rate for used mounts is like $35 Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  15. lumberjackzac

    Last chance 59,910

    I will likely cross out of warranty tomorrow. Only thing concerning to me is a recent 3/4 second jerk or death in 4th or 5th. Happened perhaps 3 times in last month. Maybe switching to 5th. It's not under WOT. I don't get it. The car kinda gives out and then comes back. DSG fluid? I changed...
  16. lumberjackzac

    Shift knob DSG wont shift fix

    Here's what happened my knob button depressed and wouldnt come back up. couldn't shift into reverse or park. Couldn't remove keys from ignition. First you pry off the dsg cover see pic one. Second pry up boot retaining clips. Remove boot. I didn't have string, I had pipe cleaners but it's just...
  17. lumberjackzac

    Adaptive Crusie control Retrofit 16

    I'm gather information right now. I can see that there's quite a few parts to be added and swapped before coding would allow this work. Then the dealer needs to calibrate the system. Please list part numbers or correct part numbers I have yet to include. I want this real bad. Obviously VWs...
  18. lumberjackzac

    Center arm rest squeeking & fix

    Slowly but surely eliminating all my rattles, squeeks from stiffer engine mounts and suspension. This one was pretty easy. Extend the arm rest. There's a floppy piece of plastic you could just remove. Pad it. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  19. lumberjackzac

    Compressor/turbo surge/flutter

    Guys I removed my snow guard and now I'm noticing a stututu every time I let off the gas. Is something broke? Dsg Dp Jb4 Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  20. lumberjackzac

    Squirrely moderate/hard left turns

    I'm tryin to self diagnosis this issue before I have an alignment done. I've noticed this overtaking when the car feels like it may go out of control. Last time only at 45mph. I was crawling around and thought maybe have a look at ball joint. It looked bent to me. Possibly may need shocks I...