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  1. Gray_Panther

    FS - 2015-2017 MK7 Stock Muffler SOLD

    I bought CSS muffler and no longer need stock muffler. The exhaust tips are shiny and like new after 50k miles of use. I would use metal polish every 2-3k miles to keep the chrome tips looking fresh. Located in Upstate NY but willing to drive a couple hours. Also willing to ship, the agreed...
  2. Gray_Panther

    Spare donut for GTI/GLI Upstate NY - $150 OBO

    18” spare donut unused and located in Rochester NY
  3. Gray_Panther

    Pair of Austin wheels - $230 OBO

    I am selling a pair of Austin wheels in good condition for $130 for each. $230 for both. Wheels do not have bends, but both have minor curb rash. I will post pictures when I can, either today or tomorrow. Located in Rochester, can ship but at buyers expense. Pm me if you want a shipping quote.
  4. Gray_Panther

    Installed my CSS muffler (tips and tricks)

    I took 1.5 hours, from set up to clean up, to install the CSS muffler I picked up from fedex. I just wanted to post a little walkthrough hoping someone can learn something. Tools used are: Long but not thick flat head screwdriver WD40 Dewalt saw 13mm hex and extension Shoplight Fluid film...
  5. Gray_Panther

    Sell GTI 2 door to get E39 540i/M5?

    Like the title states, I have been throwing around 3 scenarios in my head where both involve selling my GTI for an older 5-series. I one debt (mortgage), one child, one wife, and a 128i. I want to apply for graduate school soon which either I will pay my own way or have assistance for the...
  6. Gray_Panther

    Pchop Request

    Hey guys, looking to plasti dip my winter wheels since I hate compounding all the orange off by hand after every winter. can someone photoshop my wheels into a different color? Looking at either black, red or blue.
  7. Gray_Panther

    Please Delete

    Please Delete
  8. Gray_Panther

    Seiko SRPD51K2/SRPD87 Blue Dial Blue Nato SOLD!!!

    For sale is a catch and release. I purchased the watch online because I liked the look of it in pictures, but it is too small for my style once I had it in my possession. The watch is a stunner especially with the blue dial and bezel! Asking at or around $190 shipped SOLD. The watch is in...
  9. Gray_Panther

    Rear VW symbol hatch opener w/ rearview camera SOLD!

    Fully functional hatch opener with rearview camera assembly. $165 shipped OBO SOLD for $150 Pulled from a Golf R but works and is plug-n-play with GTI and Golf. I tested the functionality on my GTI. Selling because I bought this one thinking my unit was defective, but the wiring on my GTI was...
  10. Gray_Panther

    Water in hatch fix, rearview camera fix, hatch won't open fix

    For a few years water has been getting into the hatch, I took it to VW while it was still under warranty and they replaced the hatch seal. I must have not used the hatch because water was still getting in and y the time I recognized it I was out of warranty. A few months later the hatch no...
  11. Gray_Panther

    ParkPilot rear view camera not available fix?

    I been doing some searching since for about a week now I have not been able to use the rear camera when reversing. But the results I found were generally inconclusive. Some say to replace a module, others say the head unit needs to be recoded. Was there an official answer to fix the issue?
  12. Gray_Panther

    BMW X3 2007 1 step correction

    Hi All, While my parents went to Disney for their anniversary, I thought it would be nice to detail my dad's X3 that sorely needed some attention. I wanted it looking as new as possible for my wedding coming up in September and to show his siblings that are coming over from Greece that he...
  13. Gray_Panther

    OBD11 and Android Compatible Phone

    Up for sale is OBD11 with Android phone Asking $80 OBO Plug and play.
  14. Gray_Panther

    DC cherry blossoms advice

    Hey I will be heading down to DC for a long weekend and wanted to check out the cherry blossoms and take some snaps with the car. Is Tidal Basin a good place to check out? Better to go early in the morning? Any spots for cars to take some scenic pictures?
  15. Gray_Panther

    Passenger Side Rattle Fixed!!!!

    I FIXED THE DAMN PASSENGER SIDE RATTLE!!!!!!!!!!! 2016 GTI S 3-door, I would hear the loudest and most annoying rattle between 1850-2550 rpm and especially so when I let off the throttle. What makes it more annoying is that those are the rpms which people are in 90% of the time when...
  16. Gray_Panther

    Snowplow damaged sideview mirror...Opportunity to change color...need advice

    As the title states, the contracted snowplow damaged my passenger sideview mirror. After some emails back and forth, the contractor will be giving me $200 to reimburse me for the damage. I currently have a Pure White 3-door GTI, and I am looking to get either red, white or black sideview...
  17. Gray_Panther

    Post your Watch and GTI Pics!

    I am a watch and car fanatic, so post your favorite car/watch combo. I'll kick it off...
  18. Gray_Panther

    Decided I hate the sound of the car

    I guess I am spoiled by my BMW 128i with the golf tee mod. But everytime I drive my GTI I am always disappointed with the way the exhaust sounds and the engine noise. I have the soundaktor unplugged as I hated the fake noise and the occassional rattle. Does anyone have suggestions for a new...
  19. Gray_Panther

    Golf and GTI

  20. Gray_Panther

    Autumn Photoshoot