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  1. bayarea7

    Corbeau RRX Plaid Seats

    Saw these have released recently, and they look quite good! Saw only one other forum member post pictures of them installed. Was wondering if anyone else has bit the bullet and would be willing to share your experience and pics. Expected to see many more to have bought these up and installed...
  2. bayarea7

    FS: BEC Autoparts MK7.5 LED Tailights for MK7 (Plug and Play)

    Got these about a year ago as I wanted MK7.5 tails but with a plug and play solution. They look and work great, but after this much time, I still find myself liking my Euro Golf R Tails more. Installed for about a year, but I hardly drive my GTI so less than 1k miles on them. As stated earlier...
  3. bayarea7

    Waterpump/Thermostat out at 36K miles ??

    So about a little over a week ago, I noticed maybe a few drops of coolant under the car, not even enough to make me pop the hood. Car ran fine, until CHECK COOLANT LEVEL light came on. Coasted over, and reservoir was damn near EMPTY. No signs of leak surrounding the system, dry coolant, wet...
  4. bayarea7

    Dumb Question

    So who pre mixes G13 in a separate container than adds it to the reservoir VS just adding equal parts distilled water and G13 directly into the reservoir?
  5. bayarea7

    2 devices running off 1 OBD port?

    Dunno if I've asked this before but maybe thats senility finally setting in. Anyway, I had a p3 VIDI before my armytrix exhaust. When I got the exhaust and realizing it needed the obd port, I didn't mind ditching the VIDI. Well now I kinda want the VIDI again. It looked stellar and really added...
  6. bayarea7

    What do you guys typically do at 40K?

    40K might be up by the end of the year, but wondering what you guys do. 2015 gti 6 speed I'll probably do a brake flush with oil change. Other than that cant think of anything else.
  7. bayarea7

    When did the battery change on the MK7's

    So last year I had to get an OE replacement battery on my 2015 at the stealership. When I popped the hood I noticed there was no cover. I asked and they said they the newer batteries were bigger and of course my older battery cover would not fit. Anyway, I made a thread a long time ago asking...
  8. bayarea7

    Best Place to get clubsport knob/boot?

    I found them on ebay for almost 300 bucks but I know there has to be some overseas OEM parts dealer that have them cheaper. Part number 5G1711113FWEJ
  9. bayarea7

    What is your ideal/"dream" mk7?

    Title says it all. My ideal golf is actually the one I got but wish it had PP. 2015 RSM 2 door GTI S 6 speed with LP With PP it would've been "perfect", but still love mine. Already have a VWR BBK and don't really track so the fact I don't have LSD means nothing on the streets but would've...
  10. bayarea7

    Your 0.02: Car has been in MB service for 6 week snow

    I know this is a v dub forum but believe me in my 10+ years on mbworld and my short time here I've come to appreciate peoples opinion on here more. So about 2 months ago, I got the SOS inactive or whatever light in my 17 c300. So upon service, they suggested the module or an airbag component...
  11. bayarea7

    Anybody a video game junkie?

    Don't ever think I'll out grow them. Nearing my 30's Ive generally stopped playing anything "new". And by new I mean in the past 5 years. I mostly play everything from the 90's now.
  12. bayarea7

    So who got the Szechuan Sauce today?

  13. bayarea7

    My bolt on GTI on Cobb AP with protune

    This is kind of late news but figure I post it after driving my car regularly for 2 months to really get the feel of everything. So got my car tuned by EQ Tuning via the Cobb AP and the results have been nothing but stellar. Ed really knows his stuff. Relevant Specs: 2015 GTI S 6 speed manual...
  14. bayarea7

    Official Great Falls Green Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    Don't see an official thread for this so I hope I'm within my rights in starting it. Everyone seems to hate this color but I'm in love and it's really making me want an mk7.5! These are the best pics I could find on the em up if you got/found more!
  15. bayarea7

    Akrapovic Rear Diffuser

    Anybody running the akrapovic rear diffuser? Or the OEM club sport rear diffuser? Appreciate pics and feedback. Thanks
  16. bayarea7

    FS: VWR Racingline Catback Exhaust and Catted Downpipe

    Exhaust is finally off and ready to sell. I loved this exhaust and as you can see it is one of the nicest systems made for the MK7 platform. Available for pickup/meet up anywhere in the SF Bay or Sacramento for serious/paid buyers only. Now offering to ship in CONUS only. Paypal only. VWR...
  17. bayarea7

    FS: P3 VIDI Gauge pre-installed in vent assembly

    P3cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface gauge pre-installed in vent assembly. It’s the red variation for GTI. Mint condition. As seen here: 340 Shipped. Paypal only.
  18. bayarea7

    FS: P3 VIDI Gauge pre-installed in vent

    P3cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface gauge pre-installed in vent assembly. It’s the red variation for GTI. Mint condition. As seen here: 340 Shipped. Paypal only.
  19. bayarea7

    FS: GFB DV+, VWR Exhaust, PwrHaus DV Spacer, VWR Panel filter

    BFI PwrHaus DV spacer for MK7 GTI brand new SOLD GFB DV+ Used for about 15K miles like new condition comes complete with everything in box SOLD VWR Panel Filter used for less than 1k miles 60 Shipped VWR Catback Exhaust 25k miles 700 Picked up only in SF BAY AREA or SACRAMENTO VWR Catted...
  20. bayarea7

    FS: NPM, PwrHaus DV spacer, DV+

    Mods please delete