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  1. lumberjackzac

    All Around Rotors And Pads Upgrade Suggestions

    The Centric High Carbon Cryo-treated 125 rotors have lasted me for close to 80k miles, I had to double-check that. I had them cut around 40k miles and I have the RS3 brake ducts added for cooling. Fronts 125.33098CRY, Rears 125.33131CRY - Standard brake rotors, non-PP. 90% Daily driving All the...
  2. lumberjackzac

    DIY Multi-port Injection Kit. *wip*

    Building your own Harness:- VWAG lists wires from ECU as 1mm or about 20 gauge AWS The power wire running to all the injectors comes from the fuse box. Based on what others have done I went with 14 gauge wire for this. You have a wire that runs to the low-pressure fuel sensor Pin 50 to D-clip...
  3. lumberjackzac

    DIY Multi-port Injection Kit. *wip*

    Disclaimer:- This info is for community usage only. You are welcome to use the information contained in this thread, but I take NO responsibility for any discrepancies, injuries, or catastrophic damage that results from improperly modifying your car. You assume all liability when YOU decide to...
  4. lumberjackzac

    Porsche Boxster Calipers (NQSBBK) *SOLD*

    I wasnt able to lock the brakes up, trigger ABS, without RPVs. Car stopped really well but also running 235-firehawks and EBC Reds so that could have some influence.
  5. lumberjackzac

    Porsche Boxster Calipers (NQSBBK) *SOLD*

    They are a great brake setup. Can confirm. May want to check out "residual pressure valves" as mentioned elsewhere on the forum
  6. lumberjackzac

    What happened to Erwin access?

    I will give that a shot. Like I'm obviously not a licensed dealer or tech for VWGoA so I just don't wanna lock myself out -- Yes you were correct. Glad I didn't make up numbers for that part
  7. lumberjackzac

    WTB Mk7 cooked fuel controller unit

    Looking for a fuel controller that failed due to fuel pump upgrade drawing too many amps. Closest to Las Vegas would be best. I'll pay shipping.
  8. lumberjackzac

    'Hidden' Features/Quirks/Refinements

    Jetta door hinges have been a popular replacement for the GTI's "slender man" door stops. But don't bother checking LV pick-a-part. I already did
  9. lumberjackzac

    What happened to Erwin access? directs me to the previously mentioned site (in the picture below) which demands an "Erwin ID" I'm just wondering what happens If i make up a number and submit it
  10. lumberjackzac

    What happened to Erwin access?

    What did you use for the Erwin Id? just made up numbers?
  11. lumberjackzac

    What happened to Erwin access?

    I had purchased a 1-day license from them last year and I'm needing some new information. I go to check-out and it's a little different. Now they want an "Erwin ID"? TLDR looking for WM mk7 GTI Ecu pin-out and wiring for the ignition coils and fuel system.
  12. lumberjackzac

    Porsche Driving Experience LA

    Insurance incl. in price. $1990 for 30 laps. There's like 50-200 yards of gravel run off. Really there's only like 1 light pole you could really hit. But people still manage
  13. lumberjackzac

    Drop-in direct injectors from A4, S3, Golf R into GTI

    I've seen this. I really wonder if $800 would be worth the cheddar. Looking into MPI at that price instead
  14. lumberjackzac

    450 Walbro Install Question

    It can be done but you will have a real-time of it. Better off buying the cheapest kit. I'm also frugal bastard. The ring that holds the pump secure though... my thoughts were to wrap the pump with a fuel-proof material to increase the diameter enough that it wouldn't move around horizontally...
  15. lumberjackzac

    Fuel Pump Controller Options/Upgrades (this is gonna be a long one...)

    Back to the original question, did anyone have the Erwin schematic of the fuel controller? I don't remember how I saved those
  16. lumberjackzac

    WTB Moog endlinks

    I don't buy from RockAuto anymore. They sell some counterfeit parts, basically a reseller for aliexpress.
  17. lumberjackzac

    Drop-in direct injectors from A4, S3, Golf R into GTI

    JB4 would allow for higher FOL should increase flow. Ordered I guess I'll find out $50, eh
  18. lumberjackzac

    WTB PM4 and ethanol analyzer kit

    Consider doing a little research. Most of the E85 sensors on the market for our vehicle are GM generic sensors. Easily acquired for less than $100
  19. lumberjackzac

    Drop-in direct injectors from A4, S3, Golf R into GTI

    Can you just drop in Golf R, S3, A4 injectors into a GTI without a tune or issues? Lots of parts numbers suggest this. I would like to send a set of 06L906036K to injector RX clinic for cleaning and 5% more fuel sounds mildly interesting Looks like I'll pay more for cleaning