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  1. Adurm

    Audison bit ten d

    Used but in perfect working order audison bit ten d with drc, drc cable and wiring harness $250 shipped.
  2. Adurm

    Door bits mk7 gti

    Rear door handle trim $10 shipped Lower door reflector $10 shipped Rear fender tweeter $15 shipped (not pictured, not tested but i can hit it with a multimeter). Rear door window switch $10 shipped (not tested) Not interior but lower air box pipe $10
  3. Adurm

    Mk7 gti inlet hose, turbo elbow dv+

    Ecs tuning silicone inlet tube SOLD Go fast bits mk7 gti dv+ $80 shipped. Chinese turbo inlet elbow $30 shipped Stock turbo muffler $15 shipped Kn filter sold
  4. Adurm


  5. Adurm

    Raceseng topology red shift knob

    Used raceseng topology shift knob in red. Gate 1 engraving. Adapter with all hex screws included. Shipped free lower 48. Asking $100. More pics by request.
  6. Adurm

    High pitched noise after car off for a while

    I noticed a high pitched constant noise coming from the front passenger side of my 2016 gti tonight after it was parked in the garage for 2 hours. It's not the usual coolant circulating noise. No cd in the mib. No lights on. Help please.
  7. Adurm

    In search of cubby clips

    I've had to pop my center cubby out a few times for some audio knobs and lost 1 of the two little clips that hold it down and the other is basically mush. I can't find a match with google. Anyone know off hand what to search for or the part number?
  8. Adurm

    Mib doesn't know the car is running

    So my 2016 gti mib ii doesn't register that the ignition is on. Recently had a pioneer deck in there and put the mib back this weekend. I have the front speaker wires cut and sealed at the quadlock. The rears mrears are hooked up and still have radio sound coming out. I tried holding the power...
  9. Adurm

    Cubby wont seat

    I took my lower dash cubby out to drill a hole and run a wire out the back and now i can't get it to lock back in place. I push down to get the clips to engage but they pop right up. I tried without the wire to make sure it wasnt getting caught. I tried putting the clips on the cubby tabs vs...
  10. Adurm

    Go fast bits dv+ mk7 question

    Car is bone stock. Put in the 9351 gfb dv+ now seeing peak boost of 32psi on the mib. I realize the mib display isn't the most accurate. Any thoughts on what is wrong?
  11. Adurm

    Single Fender tweeter

    I've got a single right rear fender tweeter from an mk7 gti and the red reflector on the door bottom. $20 shipped conus. Pm please.