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  1. anotero

    FCP Euro Sales?

    Does anyone know if FCP runs sitewide sales from time to time?
  2. anotero

    Upper Timing Cover Bolt PN

    Does anyone know the part number for the upper timing cover bolts? There are six of them, they have hex sockets and special guide sleeves. Can't find the PN for the life of me.
  3. anotero


    Selling my used inserts. Both are in perfect condition, none are bent (apparently they both stay intact when you run them together). These are version 2 inserts. $55 for the pair shipped.
  4. anotero

    Dynamic Turn Signals in NA Tails

    I want to try this in my NA taillights: Does anyone have an idea of how to code this in a mk7 GTI?
  5. anotero

    Weeping Oil Pan -- Replace Pan or Reapply Gasket?

    Noticed my oil pan is weeping a little oil. I see no cracks, so I'm lead to believe the gasket is just old (87k miles). Is it reasonable to remove the pan, clean off the old gasket and reapply without purchasing a new pan?
  6. anotero

    Throttle Body Adaptation Necessary?

    I removed the throttle body while doing a thermostat replacement. All I did to the throttle body was clean it. Once it's back on, do I need to perform adaptation for it? Thanks.
  7. anotero

    IS38 Installation and Tuning Tips

    Contemplating upgrading my GTI to an IS38, tuning with EQT. I've never done a turbo installation and would appreciate any installation tips. Also, I assume that until I get specifically tuned for the new turbo, I should not go WOT and should drive like an elderly invalid. If i pull the trigger...
  8. anotero

    Brake Pad Wear Sensor

    Does anyone know how to retrofit one?
  9. anotero

    Replace 034 puck inserts with BFI?

    I have stage 1 BFI motor mount and trans mount insert, as well as 034 puck inserts (lower/upper). Is it worth replacing tve 034 lower/upper inserts with a BFI insert? Benefits to be had?
  10. anotero

    U0212 -- Lost Communication with Steering Control Module

    Had a momentary transmission warning message flash at me today. It was too short to catch. Nothing in the car menu of infotainment system. Pulled a U0212 code from both the ECU and TCU modules. Says "lost communication with steering column control module." No issues with the transmission, no...
  11. anotero

    Turbo Piping Upgrade -- Should I do It?

    I need advice. Since I'll be installing an AMS intercooler and an ECS turbo inlet hose, I am wondering if it's also worth upgrading the charge and discharge pipes, as well as the couplers and the throttle body coupler. Are there actual benefits to upgrading these air passages? I assume stock...
  12. anotero

    Borescope Recommendations

    I want to take a look at my valves. Does anyone have experience with borescopes? Need good focus and clear picture in low light.
  13. anotero

    INA Part Quality

    How are they? They supposedly make a lot of OE parts for various auto makers.
  14. anotero

    Front LCA Bushings Upgrade?

    I'm planning on getting RS3 rear LCA bushings. Is there an upgrade for the front bushings as well?
  15. anotero

    Windshield Wiper Timing Adjustment

    I've noticed that when using the windshield fluid, the wipers activate before the fluid gets sprayed. This leads to smearing of whatever crap has just ended up on my windshield. Is there a way to code the timing so that the fluid would get sprayed first? My wife's Beetle follows the correct...
  16. anotero

    PCV Block Off Plate vs. Catch Can vs. Nothing

    What are the benefits of a PCV block off plate? How does it compare to a CC? What are the drawbacks? Is it even worth it?
  17. anotero

    Yellow Sludge and Streaks on Underside Trim

    I noticed long narrow streaks of what looks like a thick substance running along the plastic trim on the underside of the car. The streaks run from about where the DP resonator mates to the catback (I have a euro tunnel shield installed from where the DP connects to the subframe, to the first...
  18. anotero

    FS: Unitronic Intercooler Hoses -- Brand New

    I have a set of Unitronic intercooler hoses. Never used, unopened. Will sell for $80 plus shipping. They retail for $90. Hoses come with clamps.
  19. anotero

    Big Turbo Options -- Comprehensive List

    I'm entertaining the idea of a big turbo. Who knows if it will last... But since I don't think we have a dedicated thread for the different bt's out there, with their pros and cons, I say it would be a good idea to make one. Y'all chime in and I'll organize the list in the OP.
  20. anotero

    Has My Wastegate Gone Bad? (Links to Videos Updated)

    Is this level of play indicative of a bad wastegate? Two short clips I recorded today after separating the downpipe from the turbo.