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  1. aloha_from_bradley

    Integrated Engineering - Why Can't I Find Any Threads?

    I'm looking at an IE tune, but can't find any threads on it. There are a few out there for CAIs, etc. but nothing for the tune itself. Normally there are vendor threads as well... don't see those either. Looking for experience others have had with IE tunes, specifically stage 1. Any issues...
  2. aloha_from_bradley

    Switching Wheel Size - Alignment?

    Current Setup: 19 x 8.5 +45 - 235/35/19 New Setup: 18 x 9 +45 - 235/40/18 or 245/40/18 I understand the rolling radius should be the same on the 235/40/18, but I'm not sure about alignment specs give the wider wheel or potentially wider tire if I go with the 245s. The numbers seem like...
  3. aloha_from_bradley

    Coolant Leak?

    Hello Everyone, 2019 Golf R - 16k Miles I've been smelling coolant after each drive for about a month now. Noticed I was loosing coolant, but topped it off and it's not moved much since. Went from the full line to the "min" line before I topped it off. I can also see dried coolant on the...
  4. aloha_from_bradley

    Best Polish - NOT for Paint Correction

    Hello All, The paint on my 2019 R is in very good condition. Currently I don't need any paint / swirl correction of any kind. I'm very familiar with the detailing process and have been detailing my own cars since I was a teenager. I'm just noticing that the paint isn't displaying as much depth...
  5. aloha_from_bradley

    Neuspeed RSe102 & Neuspeed Sport Springs

    Hello All. Just wanted to share some recent mods. Went with Neuspeed for wheels & springs. Here are some pics. I've very happy with the setup so far. Neuspeed RSe102 - 19x8.5 et45 Continental ExtremeContact Sport...
  6. aloha_from_bradley

    Shady Work - Recent Dealership Visit

    Hello All, Today I had the R in for an alignment at the dealership. I had my dash cam rolling the entire time. Aside from some rude comments, there were a few major items I noticed. 1. I got the car back and the steering wheel is way off to the right. As if the tech did it on purpose. 2. The...
  7. aloha_from_bradley

    Installing Springs - Alignment Specs

    2019 R Front crash & lane assist camera system Pulling the trigger on Neuspeed wheels & springs this week. I have a couple questions for others that have done this. Question 1: How does the alignment work out after the spring install? What did the specs look like? Question 2: For others...
  8. aloha_from_bradley


    I'm chasing my tail. 2019 R w/ 12.5k Hit a pothole on the passenger side a couple months ago. Wheel was ever so slightly bent. Sent out for repair, came back good. Alignment performed, perfectly in spec. Suspension looked at by dealership, nothing found. About a month later I happen to notice...
  9. aloha_from_bradley

    Exhaust Problems

    Hello All, 2019 Golf R here. Want an exhaust system mostly for sound, not expecting gains. Ordered an XForce system - Waited a month and a half. Kept getting delayed, cancelled order. Ordered the Magnaflow system - Didn't fit the car. Was obviously for a MK7... didn't fit the facelift...
  10. aloha_from_bradley

    Ride Height Discrepancy

    Hello All, I've been measuring ride height as I'm considering lowering my Golf R. I've found that the Driver's side measurements both front and rear are ~3mm lower than the passenger side. Is this normal? o I was parked on a perfectly flat surface in my garage o Gas tank is completely full o...
  11. aloha_from_bradley

    Digital Cluster - Winding / Buzzing Noise

    Hello All, After driving my R for about 20-30 mins I begin to hear this winding noise coming from the digital cluster that starts buzzing after a moment or two. The only way I can describe it would be a free spinning rear bicycle wheel. I was able to both record and replicate the noise with my...
  12. aloha_from_bradley

    Carpet Pulling Up While Vacuuming

    Hello Gang, Like the title says, the carpet in my R is pulling up in spots where I touch it with the end of the vacuum hose attachment. This is on my personal shop vac I use in my garage. This happened badly on my previous car as well. The carpet seems to be very high quality so I'm a little...
  13. aloha_from_bradley

    Moving into a Golf

    Hello Everyone, My name is Bradley, and I'm new to the VW community. I grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and I've been obsessed with hot hatchbacks for years. I've owned high HP Honda hatchbacks, Veloster Turbo, RSX Type S, and most recently a fully modded stage 3 Focus ST. I sold the car...