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  1. Wade_GT

    Aftermarket clutches vs Crank Walk

    I was planning on a stage 1 tune until I started seeing crank walk issues creep up on YouTube and on this forum among folks with upgraded clutches/pressure plates. My understanding is the upgraded pressure plate causes wear on the thrust bearings which then leads to crank walk. So, my question...
  2. Wade_GT

    Installed H&R OE Sport Springs

    Hi All, I wanted to share my experience in case others are also wanting a slightly sharper GTI while maintaining daily drive-ability. After months of research, I installed H&R OE Sport Springs on stock shocks/struts (25,700 miles on the car). I used the Audi TT spring pads in the rear to avoid...
  3. Wade_GT

    Rear Swaybar: H&R 24mm or Superpro 22mm for DD?

    Hi All, I'm new to the VW community after purchasing a '17 GTI S 6M in November of 2017. I'm looking to sharpen my daily driven GTI without significantly impacting NVH. Not wanting to lower the ride height yet has led me to the RSB as a first practical step to improving the handling of the...