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  1. riceburner


    Posted in the centraol tristate area but fogured i would cross post here, just note any items in the thread to be shipped would jeed cash on top for shipping
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    Integrated engineering Intercooler & Intake FS - West Chicago

    ALL SOLD Kind of an odd partout thread. My car is getting zero bites being sold as is, so i guess i will need to sell some parts so i can lower the price some. All parts are installed on the car, until sold (paid for), or the car is sold, whichever comes first. All parts have around 10,000...
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    Rear bumper 'flares' - osir style

    Hey all, Got these off ebay for $110, turns out im selling my car so wont be needing them! Looks like they will fit fine with just a little trimming along the bottom (of the piece, not the car). I was actually pretty excited about these. $80 shipped, $85 if coastal?
  4. riceburner

    2016 SE, DCC, Lighting Package, Performance Package, Stg2, Chicago

    SOLD Located west of Chicago, Willing to drive or ship, Price: $15,500 (REDUCED FROM 17500) Mileage: 72,600 EXCELLENT Condition car with ZERO problems of any sort! Meticulous owner, garage kept, always freshly detailed. I love this car to death, it runs and drives amazing, just got my eyes...
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    Logitech G27 racing wheel/pedals with shifter

    for pc/ps2/ps3. Lightly used, great condition. More info here: $400 shipped
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    Emissions - no CEL from catted downpipe, spacer needed?

    hey everyone, Just want/need to check: Apr stage 2 AWE cwtted downpipe, never have me any CEL. I am aware atleast that to pass emissions i need to flash to the stock tune. But do i really need an 02 sensor spacer? I have one... but it doesnt seem like it will fit. Its going to be interfering...
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    SOLD - BNIB ECS Ebrake handle

    SOLD hey all, Got this new, decided not to install. It looks great but personally think the ebrake handle may get too hot in the summer to use. Good for those who wear driving gloves or who have DSG cars...! Lol :) 50 shipped.
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    Sunroof leak in rear of car? Diagrams needed

    Hey all! Finding water in the rear of the headliner. I thought originally this was caused by breaking the plastic grommets that feed the wire looms from the car to the hatch, but sealsed those up pretty well, using some butyl rubber (to my knowledge they are sealed!) So now im wondering if its...
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    Floor-hinged gas pedal from MK6 into a MK7? Any pointers?

    i decided i wanted the floor-hinged pedal like my MK6 has. I wanted to see if it would physically fit/plug in to my 7. i removed the pedal from my MK6 and tested. From what i could tell: A) the wire harness does not have enough slack on the MK7's end to make it to where the MK6 pedal's plug...
  10. riceburner

    Manifold piercing tool stuck (for boost tap)

    Hey all, So yesterday i took my car for a long drive (was driving all day pretty much). Got home, ate a quick dinner then set out to punch the manifold with the APR piercing tool. It took some pretty solid hammer swings to get it in (in my opinion but of course that's subjective), but after it...
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    FS: ECS IS38 package

    SOLD SOLD SOLD hey all, I had just bought this recently but have decided to hold off for a while so am selling it. I just bought this secondhand recently. The turbo was installed once and has approx 8k miles of use. It comes with the turbo muffler delete and ecs turbo blanket preinstalled...
  12. riceburner

    Performance Pack brake replacement options? At a loss

    Hey everyone, Just figured i would check... with trying to keep somewhere around a 600-700 budget, what can I do to replace/upgrade the rotors and pads, maintaining the current calipers? Looks like ECS has a few options but after trying their V4 on my MK6 i'm' not too convinced they last that...
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    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    I've been working at home all week. The Illinois Government just released the stay at home quarantie order and I'm bored as F$%^!!!! How's everyone else holding up? :)
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    2016 SE Performance Pack, DCC, Lighting Package, 6MT White For Sale

    NO LONGER FOR SALE CURRENTLY Hey All! Regrettably, I'm listing my car for sale here. Trying to get the extra 'oomph' in to make a down payment on a house. A lot of us have been there. For those of you who haven't been there - good on you! 2016 SE package (leather, sunroof, fender audio)...
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    POLL: Stage 1 high torque, did your stock clutch fail?

    Not much needed here. Those who went stage 1 high torque and sent it on a stock clutch, did your clutch indeed fail? Please add your mileage with the tune and mileage at time of clutch failure (or, NOT failure!). I had a 7 before and aas fine for the 15k i had the car, sold the car at 40k...
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    Tow rack - chicagoland area

    Have a tow rack ot ook off the car. $100 picked up OBO? Pretty easy install/uninstall. I have all the hardware. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Maxton front splitter v1 - new

    SOLD Brand new, unused. Pictures show mock-up mounting only. Comes with all hardware. Decided i dont meed a splitter right now is why im selling. 150 plus shipping, which i imagine just based on the size of the box could be like 30-40 bucks? Located near chicago, would prefer to meet up to...
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    Yellowing of lighting package headlight 'u's?

    Am i losing my mind or has anyone else noticed their U lights to look yellow both while off and on? I feel like they are supposed to be very white and bright. Maybe the light over time cause the plastic U's to fade. Or, are there bulbs that are replaceable or is it a true LED board internal to...
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    Head unit keeps forgetting my phone and adding back inprevious users?

    Sorry if this has been discussed but my searching isnt yoelding any viable results... So each time ive gotten in the car so far i have added my phone to the bluetooth, and deleted the previous user, only to find that the next time i get in the car, its trying to connect to the previous user and...
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    Riceburner goes from 2 GTI's to one S4

    2017 SE, Manual, Performance Package w/ lighting and DCC package GOALS: Semi-fast street car, IS38. Something that looks great and rides nice. Hope to do a little bit of unique work to it - nothing too run of the mill but nothing too crazy either. Mods list 4/25/20: Engine APR Stage 2, 93...