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    FindWay floor matts for MK7+ GTI/Golf/R

    sold sold sold
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    2022 BRZ

    Sounds like a good improvement! despite no turbo basic specs off the top of my head: 228hp - up from 205hp 180ftlbs - up from 150ftlbs 2.4 litre boxer - up from 2.0 litre <2900lbs curb weight - up from 2800lbs Looks wise - I think it is also a huge improvement, interior and exterior. I also...
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    ECU Cage Solutions?

    I recently installed engine and trans mounts in my mk7.5. In doing so I drilled out the rivets. I am not interested in reassembling the cage with new bolts or rivets. So I am wondering if anyone has figured out a cosmetic solution to 'dress up', or cover the portion of the ECU cage that...
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    WTB: TCR rear hatch lip spoiler (for 2018 GTI)

    title says it all.
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    WTB: Nuespeed Power Module (2018 GTI)

    Title says it all. DM if you have one.
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    New Issue with Infotainment: 2018 GTI

    This is a bit tough to explain... So recently, and seemingly out of nowhere, my 2018 GTI Autobahn (Canadian) developed a strange issue with the infotainment. When I turn on the car, after any extended period of time, it immediately switches the radio off, and nothing I do can turn the radio...
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    WTB: Neuspeed Mower Module

    As the title says. For my 2018 GTI.
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    Complete strut/spring assembly - 2018 GTI Autobahn

    This set is complete with top hats, bearings and also the rear sway bar. Came off my 2018 GTI with under 30,000km. Asking $300 Canadian (price reduced from $400). Buyer pays shipping. Would prefer to sell locally in Ottawa, Canada. Willing to drive a bit to meet someone locally. Edit...
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    Installing Coilovers - Need Top Mounts and Bearings

    So I have a 2018 GTI Autobahn. I plan to install ST-X coilovers soon and planned to replace the stock strut top mounts and bearings, but every place I call to get the parts says that they are not available. I tried the dealer and they said the parts would cost $300 plus, which is ridiculous...
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    WTB: CTS Turbo Inlet Pipe

    As the title states... must be willing to ship to Ottawa, Canada.
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    Garages of picture thread

    I searched, didn't see a thread like it. I thought it would be fun if we all showed pics of where we wrench, keep our cars and other toys. Clean, messy, small, or large. And go!
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    The Straight Pipes (youtubers)

    I started watching these guys only 3 months ago but have since subscribed and now look forward to their next released content. They (Jacob and Yuri) review new and used cars. They have great chemistry and are all around a ton of fun to watch. Plus they have a recent 2018 GTI and R review...
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    Center Cap?

    Anyone know a good website/vendor which customized or even replacement center caps for wheels? (Not ebay or amazon please) Looking for something of better quality than the typical Chinese knock off Center caps.
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    Where do you guys buy oil in Ottawa?

    Last night I went to the Kanata dealer and bought the Castrol VW approved 502 00 oil, but it came to $114 after tax (6 liters with filter and plug) This seems pretty expensive. I'm sure it can be had for cheaper. Advice?
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    Official platinum grey metallic thread...

    Has this been done yet? Mods: please delete if it has. I have a Canadian 2018 platinum grey metallic, and haven't seen a pic thread like this yet. I'd love to be the first to post a pic, but I can't figure it out... (Been an active and knowledgeable user on a few other forums, but this one...
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    18x8 or 18x8.5

    Help me decide... Looking to get RSE10 wheels. I'm stuck on deciding between 18x8 and 18x8.5. I don't plan on pushing HP past 280ish. And looking to run the stock 225s until they wear down, then switching to 235s. What do you guys think? What would you do? I imagine the performance...
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    2018 GTI weight of wheels

    Anyone weighed the new 18'' Milton wheels?
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    Dome light buttons?

    Are the dome light button logos supposed to light up? I have a hard time finding the buttons when it's dark. Mk7.5