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  1. brekdown29

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    the P34 intake is barely louder than stock, which is what I was going for. so the TIP and TMD are just to get me some more fun noises and not be overbearing like the open intake I was running on my R. Also on the R, the TMD gave me more turbo noises than the turbo inlet pipe, so we'll see what...
  2. brekdown29

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I like the TMD - on my R it made for some fun turbo noises without being obnoxious. Plus it's already paid for, lolz. You could still install the front splash guards, no?
  3. brekdown29

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Did some 034 stuff: P34 Intake Turbo Inlet Pipe Turbo Muffler Delete (not installed yet because they sent the wrong one :mad:) Valve Stem Caps BTW - the OEM splash guards look fantastic on these cars and provide a visually "lower" appearance
  4. brekdown29

    Need help deciding.

    I have no personal data to back this up but will share with you what my tuner told me in regards to this argument. He believes the bi-cooler/twincooler, whatever you want to call it, is a junk design regardless if you are running the stock or an upgraded IC in the stock location because it...
  5. brekdown29

    IS38 Tunes - let's talk through this

    Don't put too much stock in that - they use an extremely conservative Mustang dyno and always report numbers at the wheels, not to mention testing with 91. GIAC's real world results are always at or near top of class, especially if you run one of their more aggressive files which they don't...
  6. brekdown29

    Cheap Exhaust??

    MBRP makes a great catback exhaust with a Helmholtz resonator that virtually eliminates all drone - I don't think you'll find a better value. Tame when it want it to be and screams like a bat outta hell in sport mode and full throttle.
  7. brekdown29

    Downpipe or FMIC?

    Are you installing yourself or paying someone? An intercooler will require more labor hours, especially if you're considering one in the OE location, so keep that in mind. I would also agree that an IC is the better starting point. Heck, after being through a lot of modding myself, I'm not even...
  8. brekdown29

    IS38 Tunes - let's talk through this

    I'll be going with GIAC's IS38 tune down the road. I've used several tunes in different platforms and GIAC has always been the smoothest and most reliable, if not the most powerful. And they even offer an IS38 tune on the stock downpipe which is exactly what I wanted so as to not worry about...
  9. brekdown29

    Stage 3 (IS38) Integrated Engineering and found a way to pass Texas emissions?

    GIAC has an IS38 file for the stock downpipe - allz you need is intake, intercooler, and a freer flowing catback is recommended. This is what I plan on doing...
  10. brekdown29

    "Civilized" exhaust

    Another reason I wanted to keep the stock dp for sure. I'm no longer interested in that "booming" sound that's customary of the aftermarket ones. And having something that's loud when I want it to be with basically no drone is priceless.
  11. brekdown29

    WTB Trailer hitch

    You can buy the Curt hitch on amazon for cheap. It fits perfect!
  12. brekdown29

    Who has/had COVID?

    I wonder what my 40-year old buddy with no underlying health conditions or co-morbidities would say about this who was on the verge of needing a respirator back in December but because he was "too young" and the hospitals here were rationing ventilators and beds, told him he was out of luck...
  13. brekdown29

    "Civilized" exhaust

    Are you asking me? If so, then yes, I have stock DP and don't plan to change. I can run GIAC's IS38 stage 3 file with the stock dp on 91 if I'm fortunate enough to go down that road.
  14. brekdown29

    "Civilized" exhaust

    I've been running the MBRP Pro Series exhaust for about a month on my '18. It's got a Helmholz resonator on it and has as close to zero drone as I've ever experienced on an aftermarket catback. It si very subtle under light load conditions, but throw the car in sport mode and shift above 5k...
  15. brekdown29

    FS: Mk7 Golf R Mojo Mats - $50 These retail for about $85 and should fit any Mk7 Golf. They are hardly used and in like new condition. Pick up for $50 in...
  16. brekdown29

    FS: Mk7 Golf R Euro LED Tails

    These are OEM tinted tails from the MK7 Golf R in Europe. Available to ship any time. Shoot me your best offers, along with phone # so I can send photos. They are gently used and in very good condition. No harness. These are plug and play.
  17. brekdown29

    Mint Stage 2 Mk7 Golf R in Phoenix - Ready to Deal

    See ad in sig. Needs to go. Open to all reasonable offers!
  18. brekdown29

    Mint Stage 2 Mk7 Golf R in Phoenix - Ready to Deal

    See ad in sig. Needs to go. Open to all reasonable offers!
  19. brekdown29

    Mint Stage 2 Golf R in Phoenix - Ready to Deal

    Need to sell my 2015 R located in Phoenix. Accepting all reasonable offers. Thanks!
  20. brekdown29

    2015 Golf R - Stage 2 OEM+ - Phoenix, AZ - 32K miles - $32,500

    2015 Golf R - Stage 2 OEM+ - Phoenix, AZ - 32K miles - $33,700 Price reduced to $30K!