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    SOLD Full APR Stage 3 EFR 71/63 Twinscroll KIT

    This is the entire full APR stage 3 kit for the MQB 2.0 EA888 engine. Comes with everything that their kit comes with. Borg Warner EFR Series 71/63. I am selling this as a local friend bought and ended up changing his mind on building the motor so gave to my possession to sell on here. He had...
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    Dragy Performance Monitor

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    M4 vs Dbv2 Audi vs Vette

    M4 is so fun. Tune and downpipes here shortly. RIP vadermk7:cry:
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    ECS Tuning Flush KIT

    The less aggressive 10/15mm spacer kit 5x112/5x120 with longer black bolts. 130$
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    Neuspeed Charge Pipes + TMD

    Not sure if these were seen since I posted after the fact on part out but have two more sought after items up for sale along with everything else listed in original part out thread :) Neuspeed Discharge Pipes - Red color. Perfect condition. Comes with oversized TMD as well with an extra O ring...
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    IF IT IS LISTED IT IS STILL FOR SALE A2B Motorsports Complete 5bar Sensor Kit - Comes with AEM 5 Bar, BOSCH 4 BAR PUT Sensor, Complete Connector Harness, Precision Raceworks Boost Tap, A variety of NPT fittings and line to mount the sensor in a variety of sleek ways. Everything you need to run...
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    To Hi-HP MPI CARS! ~ PSA

    So we have started tuning this new build in the last week. The TBB v2 was on for a couple weeks and then 980cc cts mpi and 525 lpfp was enabled and we got to tuning. After some LPFP weirdness all was well and we got to ripping. Then all of a sudden we start pushing power to the left and we get...
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    Trade Me Mounts! Or Sell Me Mounts!

    Hope you're all staying safe out there! I have a full set of CTS engine and trans mounts with two dogbone inserts both type 1 or 2 (depending on which you have) APR branded. I need stiffer mounts like BFI Stage Ones and I am looking to buy BFI's or trade or trade + $$ on my end my set up...
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    Help - LPFP Install Fail - Strange Issue

    So yesterday I was buttoning up 525 pump install after installing mpi. MPI ran fine with it disabled. Then we installed lpfp and flashed new moose tune for updated fueling. At first everything was fine. Pump primed fine multiple times. Car started right up and idled for like 15 minutes before...
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    CTS Turbo Blanket - NEW

    I have a cts turbo blanket new never used, bought for 89$ just test fitted and realized it didn't work with my big turbo :( I have both spring secure clips and even made a safety wire version ill throw in (to secure) and original bag. 60$ shipped
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    APR Turbo Inlet Pipe

    APR cast smooth-tapered Turbo Inlet Pipe for sale. Has been a great piece just switching turbo side intake stuff so no longer need this. 100$ shipped
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    As title states looking for used BFI MQB mounts. Any stage IDC just PM ME. I also have CTS mounts currently can trade if someone doesn't like the nvh on BFI. I just make too much power now for these mounts and need stiffer ones. Willing to pay pretty good $$ for a used set
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    Is38 Turbo REV T SOLD

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    I have recently moved to a much bigger turbo than is38 and would like to swap to a true 3.5" inlet intake. I have a full APR intake system in great condition that includes both couplers and also the stage two inlet pipe upgrade. Almost 600$ for both new. I would like to swap straight up for a...
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    After having my Apr intake for a couple years I decided to add my own "sound door" like the IE design. I wanted the sound to be a touch louder but not too loud. It ended up being perfect, and was exactly what I was looking for. I took just a simple rotary tool and carefully cut these cut...
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    Intake trade APR intake APR TIP

    Looking to test something different. Looking to trade my APR intake system in great condition for a CTS 3.5" system straight up. Also down to trade the APR tip for unitronic or similar if someone wants a smooth tapered one.
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    DBV2 V2 S3 vs. HoonTuned is38 GTI

    Mods in video. Will rerun once s3 has MPI and 525 and GTI is on a real tire and WR. Both Full Weight. Both Maestro Tuned at the limit of current fueling.
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    New Maestro "HoonTune" xD

    --- The tune was faster than my is38 MT car I had before this. Gewd Sheet Hoon :D:D:D
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    Weird one - Pretorias for Trade

    Alright guys kind of have a weird offer here. So I have a set of 18x8 Gloss Black OEM Vw Pretorias I bought from a dealership last year before the rabbit came out. They have Ventus v2concept 225/40 tires on them with 80% tread wear. I am looking to trade for a set of aftermarket racing...
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    WTB/Looking For IC

    Looking to purchase a used, like new or new Intercooler. If you're looking to switch back to stock I also have an OEM IC I can send back.