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  1. CarlosCanizares

    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Hey all, March is closing in fast and there's drama!
  2. CarlosCanizares

    Spulen Street Insert?

    I had it installed in my 6mt R today and because there isn’t much info on it, here are my thoughts: My car is going Stage 2 in a few weeks and I wanted to experiment with this insert and maybe the matching pendulum arm if I needed more or the Powerflex Hybrid. Startup: Around a 2% increase in...
  3. CarlosCanizares

    Thoughts on the Spulen Pendulum Mount I ordered the Spulen Street (red) insert for my to-be S2 R as an experiment before taking my lower puck out. If I dislike it, I’ll go PowerFlex Hybrid. USP has a sale and as I’m clicking...
  4. CarlosCanizares

    Notable Connections, LinkedIn or Otherwise

    As a relative nobody, I've been fortunate to have been able to have as connections or even connect with some of the people I look up to: Randy Pobst (Motortrend Hot Lapper)- LinkedIn Nico Rosberg (2016 F1 World Champion) - LinkedIn Jason Cammisa (has degrees in over all car knowledge) -...
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    2020 Formula 1 Season
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    Tuning Choice

    Most of you know me as one of the early adopters of Eurodyne for the GTI. Went from stock to a Stage 2 after 10K kms until I traded the car in for a CPO R that’s running a custom Map 6 on the JB1. For those of you that tuned your cars (which I assume is most), what’s your exit plan in the...
  7. CarlosCanizares

    Afterpulse on iOS or Android

    Anyone play Afterpulse on here? If so, I'm CAAC :) See you out there!
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    Has anyone used Chipex? Thoughts, for those who have, would be great! Cheers.
  9. CarlosCanizares

    JB1 on a 6MT R Road Trip Review

    Some quick notes on the JB1 which was installed on April 19th for a road trip on April 21st. Car: 2016 R, 6MT set to Individual (all settings Sport sans Soundaktor which is Normal) JB1: Rev 2 @ Map 1 (4.8) Drive: Surrey, BC to Leavenworth, WA. Stopped at seattle Premium Outlets to walk around...
  10. CarlosCanizares

    Race Ramps

    Hey all, Been doing some research on what Race Ramps to get - RR-40 or RR-56 (1pc) for a stock R ride height. Any thoughts from those who use em? Cheers
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    Just an FYI.
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    Just an FYI, everyone!
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    JB1/4 Owners and Dealer Visits

    Just curious... When visiting the dealer for services, do you: 1) Remove the JB unit... or 2) Leave it in and tell the (assumingly mod friendly) dealer it’s there... or 3) Use a certified shop for regular maintenance and only visit the dealer when a warranty claim is made which brings us...
  14. CarlosCanizares

    Heads Up to All!

    I just returned from a warranty visit (master window switch) from my dealership who I have very good relations with. VW can now scan and detect tuned ECUs that have been reverted to stock similar to Audi. Once a car is scanned, the scan gets sent to Germany and the dealer receives the results...
  15. CarlosCanizares

    Motor/Tranny Mounts with Two Durometer Ratings

    Hi all, Why do the 034 and Revo motor and tranny mount kits come with two different durometer ratings for the motor mount and tranny mount within the same kit? 034: (50 and...
  16. CarlosCanizares

    BC Drivers with Aftermarket Intercoolers

    As Vancouverites, we pride ourselves for having the best weather amongst our provincial siblings. But today, my car felt slower than normal and my in-car temp gauge said it was 28C. Who of you from BC/Vancouver have upgraded intercoolers or even front mounts? Do we really need them for the kind...
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    Fast Wheels FC04, Titanium. 18x8 +40 @ 18lbs with DWS06 235/40 @ 21lbs
  18. CarlosCanizares

    Bouncing About During Shifting

    This is more confirmation than anything. When I shift from 1st to 2nd, I get this annoying bounce. Though, I've trained myself to shift smoother to lessen it, I still want to know the cause. Is it: - the crappy stock motor and tranny mounts moving the drivetrain about? (I have a CTS Alum...
  19. CarlosCanizares

    17" & 18" Rims on GTI/R

    Just curious if anyone has this or has considered this. I know of many RWD cars with this setup (front rims are smaller than the rear) for traction purposes. Wondering if it will benefit us FWDrivers since there is less rotational mass at the drive wheels. Along these lines, I'm thinking...
  20. CarlosCanizares

    Another Videoless Story of a Civic Type-R That Tried...

    Disclaimer: This happened on a two lane road that very few people take because it’s out of the way for most routes. I take it precisely because few cars take it and I can relax. As I’m driving along normally with Deep Purple playing, a mid/late 2000’s Civic Type-R comes up beside me revving his...