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  1. OEMPL+S

    WTB: looking for an turbo inlet for sale in the GTA

    Hey all .... Looking to pick up a cheap used Turbo Inlet Pipe if possible .... I'm interested in the first version of the "CTS Turbo" Inlet .... Or an 034 inlet .... Or a ECS turbo inlet .... Or reply with what you've got .... Just not looking to spend a fortune right now and if someones...
  2. OEMPL+S

    2016 Volkswagen Golf R Part Out Complete Car

    got the downpipe still?
  3. OEMPL+S

    Got an R in 2019 .... 2016 DAP/DSG Lapiz ....

    Got an R in 2019 .... 2016 DAP/DSG Lapiz ....
  4. OEMPL+S

    Custom Fabricated Velocity Stack Intake by SwoopsBuilt with Vibrant Filter (Might need new filter)

    hey you still got this for sale? Let me know or PM me. Thanks,