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    Track Night in America events - PIR

    Anyone else headed to the TNiA event at PIR on the 16th? I know of two other GTI owners besides myself that'll be attending.
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    Shops in Portland that install after-market products?

    DoubleJ is owned/run by enthusiasts and install aftermarket parts. They have worked on my MK7 GTI for years. Give Carrie or David a call.
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    Installed Euro Engine Cover

    So when I got home tonight and inspected mine a bit closer, the clip on the arm definitely failed. It was intact when installed felt solid, and was driven for quite some time. Not sure why the clip failed but this cover is officially done.
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    Installed Euro Engine Cover

    No offense taken and I'm glad it's worked out for you. Honestly, it was mounted exactly as you're noting and when I inspected it I didn't find anything had broken. I've found more instances online of people with similar issues and it does seem odd they no longer install them.
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    Should I have a small engine cover?

    Had that exact issue happen to me today. Mine will NOT be going back in the engine bay.
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    Installed Euro Engine Cover

    Resurrecting this thread from the dead, but wanted to share that I had this exact issue today. Lower Euro engine cover properly installed, felt VERY secure on the ball mount. Been running this for a month or so without issue and today on my commute sitting at a light, I heard a loud noise...
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    Non-PP Track Setup

    I ran two summers multiple HPDE trackdays with non-PP calipers, stock rotors, ceramic pads and RBF600. We've got two straights at PIR and on the back I'm dropping from 120+mph to about 50mph and on the front usually 110mph to 40mph. With 3 sessions, I usually would see some fade toward the end...
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    How to retro-fit the 312mm front brakes to a Mk7 Golf

    Just pulled my non-PP brakes and got them cleaned up if anyone is interested. Wasn't sure where to price them at so feel free to make an offer. Parts listed here:
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    MK7 GTI Non-PP Brakes - $450/obo + Shipping

    Just upgraded my GTI to PP brakes and am selling the full set that came off my Non-PP car (312mm/272mm). Includes: 2015 GTI non-pp front and rear calipers/carriers 2015 GTI non-pp factory good condition front/rear rotors (roughly 50k miles with a set of Akebono Euro Ceramic Pads that have...
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    CF Mirror Caps

    I bought these: Fit was perfect and quality is great.
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    How to retro-fit the 312mm front brakes to a Mk7 Golf

    I just upgraded the brakes on my 2015 GTI for track days and will have a set of non PP calipers/rotors/dust shields (front and rear) available if anyone is interested in upgrading your golf. Just PM me.
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    Looking for PP brakes

    OP had also posted on vwvortex and I had turned him onto a set through LKQ. He messaged me back and said he would up picking up a set through them.
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    WTB Clubsport S muffler in PNW or shipped

    You might check facebook marketplace. I feel like there was a guy in the Port Townsend area thats had one for sale for quite a while.
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    FS - MK7 Clubsport S Muffler (DC Metro)

    Bump for a good deal. I have one of these on my 2015 and it sounds great. Extra dB and DSG pops when you get on it and a reserved rumble during normal driving. Incredibly easy install...VW even has dimples on the stock exhaust noting exactly where you need to cut your factory pipe to install...
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    Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the Mk7.5 GTI 2.0T.

    Dave, are you guys going to be running a new year sale?
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    Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the Mk7.5 GTI 2.0T.

    Just curious what the weight difference between the stock system and the track?
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    FS: AWE Track

    Is this still for sale? I've sent you two PMs and it looks like you've been on the site multiple times since and I haven't gotten any response?
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    FS: AWE Track

    Sent you a PM