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    MK7 owners in the S.C. upstate ?

    You're right I think -- it's definitely an MK2 and it's from Europe. The owner has just brought it to the U.S.. It suffered some bumper damage in transit that he wants to tend to first. He also wants to fabricate a mount so that he can hang his U.S. license plate from the European bracket...
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    MK7 owners in the S.C. upstate ?

    Stopped by Columbia's Cars and Coffee this morning and took these snapshots. It's been many years since I last visited and the event has grown considerably since. Cars begin to disperse at about 10:30. I need to get there a little earlier next time.
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    Want to buy 2021 Autobahn, need some guidance

    You might want to check or and to see what's out there for you to choose from. That might give you an edge when negotiating.
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    2021 GTI S Question

    When you added the spare tire wheel well liner, did you keep the black rectangular sound absorbers (marked VW 5GM 863 591) in place around the inner perimeter of the wheel well?
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    2020 GTI 6mt not shifting into 5th sometimes

    Thanks Daks -- I feel the same way as you with 40+ years of manuals here. I love my GTI's 6-Speed. I have no regrets whatsoever choosing it and am thankful that VW continues to offer a manual transmission. Reading some posts, a potential owner seeking to learn more might come away with a...
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    2021 GTI S Question

    Yes, here's a photo of my '21 SE, fully painted.
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    2021 GTI S Question

    What sort of irrefutable evidence are you seeking? I posted that my '21 was properly painted. dequardo's and Keeh's suggestions are quite sound, as is the validity of other posts here.
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    2020 GTI 6mt not shifting into 5th sometimes

    My wife's '17 5-Speed is reluctant to go into 2nd sometimes and members here suggested a transmission alignment, which seemed to be a modest job for a Dealership. You might first try that. When I asked, my Dealer told me to kiss a goose.* Ours has mysteriously improved over the years, but it...
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    2021 GTI S Question

    I have a 2021 SE and my spare tire well is thoroughly painted with the exterior color. Yours does sound like a production oversight and your concerns are well founded. It might be awkward to negotiate, but if they refuse to underwrite having a body shop spray your spare tire well (which would...
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    Mystery Dash Rattle

    TSB Update 20V3 Fuel Line covers 2015 Golfs and GTIs.
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    Mystery Dash Rattle

    Some owners have had noise emanating from the armrest in the center. You might want to try messing with it; buzzes and rattles transmit sounds in odd ways that are hard to source. You know about the fuel line vibration noise under the car? This is another source of rattles that sound like...
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    recommend engine fault code scanner

    Furthering this thread, if like ckf80 I wanted only to read codes and reset error lights, and bought VCDS or OBDII to do it, would a VW Dealership know of it looking at data? In other words, do VCDS or OBDII leave evidence behind when a code is cleared or a light reset? Thanks.
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    MK7 owners in the S.C. upstate ?

    Do any of you remember this old VW TV ad from the latter '90s? We do and somehow have one of the collapsing skeleton toys as seen in the ad. It reads Da Da Da on its base. :giggle:
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    California GTI engine designation?

    I think the 2021 GTIs use DKFA engines in North America. 2016-2018 are CXCB. This is an informative link: The Definitive Guide To The VW Mk7 GTI EA888 Engine (Gen 3)
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    2021 GTI Cornflower Blue

    Looks great vdub761! (y)
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    'Hidden' Features/Quirks/Refinements

    As a follow-up, ECS confirmed that their ECS 3191309 (aka VW 5GM 882 599 KT) will fit my 2021 GTI SE. Does anyone know the correct torque specification for the four bolts that hold the seat rails to the body?
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    I had a question confirming the meaning of GTI, but before I could ask it, I happened upon an episode of TV's Chasing Classic Cars where a 1962 Maserati 3500 GTI Supperleggera Coupe was featured. They said that GTI stands for Grand Touring Injection, which is what I would have guessed. Neat that...
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    Metal tyre valve caps

    Old thread, but carrying on with the topic of valve stem caps, my new '21 GTI came from the Dealer with these green caps. I noticed last week that one is now missing. Does anyone recognize these? I'm not a do-or-die nitrogen fan, but I think they look kind of cool and they're metal. Or I...
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    What's "normal" for a VW 6mt

    No matter what the technique we choose, thinking ahead is a key component to saving clutch and brake wear -- not tailgating, not bombing up to stop signs and lights, lessening throttle before starting down a hill and not balancing clutch and gas to temporarily hold place on an upward slope. I...