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    Chicagoland Chat Thread

    I mean, if you're near the western burbs I'll throw it in for a 6-pack. It's a real simple install and adjustment.
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    Strange Noise from Under the Hood

    Did you link a video from your Gmail? It just sends me to my own inbox...
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    **Sold**Cobb AP

    Unfortunately the only picture I have showing the mount in use...
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    **Sold**Cobb AP

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    **Sold**Cobb AP

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    **Sold**Cobb AP

    Like the title says I'm selling off my Cobb AP (had to trade the golf for something larger). It comes with: All cables, carrying case, and stick on mount (I'll include new double-sided 3m tape) MAP Stg 1 tune Stratified OTS Stg 1 e30 tune Asking $500 OBO
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    FS: DKM Stage 3 full install kit + Extras (Price Drop)

    Hey all, I went quite on the forum months ago as life got in the way of modding (another pup, bought a house, other expensive things...). The GTI is now sold but it apparently shipped with the unicorn clutch that never gave up the ghost. Long story short, I'm selling: DKM Stage 3 with Luk TB...
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    Dog drool

    So I've been traveling with my dog more often and while she's finally past the vomiting violently all over my interior on every trip, she's been a fountain of drool. I thought I had it handled with a little generic interior cleaner and a micro fiber, but I parked in the sun the other day and...