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  1. VDubberinDE

    Antenna lifted after backing into garage...

    The reason they are quoting so much is that the headliner has to be removed, which is a huge job (I have done it). You can't get to the nut easily without dropping it. I tried to just take off the trim and get my arm in there, but the body line makes it very hard since from the back opening...
  2. VDubberinDE

    I hope this is not a silly question - Amber Engine light when inserting key, once ignition started no dash lights shown.

    Its just checking the system and is suppose to light up and will go out after engine starts. If it does not go out, then that indicates a problem.
  3. VDubberinDE

    "Unusual" Replace Key Battery Incident

    I wish mine would let me know. The FOB just died and I couldn't get in the car because of that stupid lock cover on the drivers door handle. I never saw any warning.
  4. VDubberinDE

    New Center Caps

    They both look fine. One is just more modern looking.
  5. VDubberinDE

    LED Door Projector Logo's - Puddle Lights

    So is that little blue stripe that is illuminated on my R , considered an illuminated door? Looks like you have 2 options when you order the kit.
  6. VDubberinDE

    Delaware anyone?

    I'm up in Pike Creek area of Wilmington. Never see any R's around here.
  7. VDubberinDE

    Climate control unit turns off itself?

    When you say it turned off, do you mean all the lights went off or just the fan?
  8. VDubberinDE

    Security Certificate Expired

    I am getting it on a PC and every click you have to bypass this message. They need to update their certs.
  9. VDubberinDE

    Security Certificate Expired

    Is anyone else getting a popup the Security Cert has expired for this forum? The URL is being marked as "Not Secure" Starting Jan 1st.
  10. VDubberinDE

    New car but with stone chips. Walk away or buy

    If you drive a car, it will get chipped, just too much debris on roads today. I used to go crazy over chips, but now I am like "I want to drive my car and chips are part of the deal". I just touch up and move on. I'd have to trade my car in every year if I wanted a car with no chips. Either...
  11. VDubberinDE

    Heating warm for about 30 seconds then goes cold, please HELP!! :(

    When you say you had it serviced, what was serviced? Sounds almost like you have an air pocket in the cooling system because it was not filled correctly (you can't just pour coolant in. There is a process to prevent air pockets.) Did you have cooling system serviced at all?
  12. VDubberinDE

    Proper power folding mirrors?

    e-acca is where to get them. I ordered them and they are full factory with all options you listed. Programmed with OBD-11. No issue and all VW parts.
  13. VDubberinDE

    Front license plate bracket

    What's wrong with the factory one? Personally I never liked the offset look, must be my OCD, lol. Unless you are planning to move out of NY, you are always going to have to have a front plate, so why not just mount the factory one? It fits nice and tight and will look better in my opinion.
  14. VDubberinDE

    Strange Auto AC on when the heat is on

    It dehumidifies but it is also how the auto temp, keeps the Temp at a steady degree. If it just had the heat on it would have to increase and lower all the time and you would get temperature swings. With AC activated it mixes the air to the Temp you set and can keep it there with no swings.
  15. VDubberinDE

    Coolant leak (probably not the thermostat housing)

    Maybe warm up the car to operating temp and then see if you can see where its coming out. We have a few mechanics around here that specialize in VW's and that's all they work on. Do you have any place like that around you? I wouldn't let it go as it is only going to get worse and maybe cost...
  16. VDubberinDE

    Coolant leak (probably not the thermostat housing)

    That leak has been going on a long time. Did you just notice it? Maybe your dealer will give you a break on it since its so close to warranty.
  17. VDubberinDE

    add power folding mirrors to 2019 Golf R

    Wow even cheaper 2 years later. Great deal.
  18. VDubberinDE

    Would you buy this GTI?

    Actually used car prices are way up. People are not buying new because of possible downturn in economy coming because of Covid. But I would pass as it seems no one wants to keep that car. Biggest mistake people make is always going cheap and then they pay for it later.
  19. VDubberinDE

    add power folding mirrors to 2019 Golf R

    Go with e-acca. You must be sure to get the ones with DAP, it comes in 2 flavors, so I would not go off ebay, just asking for issues. 2 years ago e-acca, it was only 163.00 per mirror when I bought them (I'm sure they have gone up but its factory VW parts). This is a link to my install
  20. VDubberinDE

    Cross Threaded Lug Bolts requiring new Hub?

    Just replace hub, no other discussion needed.