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  1. PowerDemon

    Official Carbon Steel Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    If it makes you feel better they only ever look like that immediately after a wash. They show every singe speck of brake dust.
  2. PowerDemon

    Will a highway trip hurt a virgin southbend stage 3 daily clutch?

    I drove 500 highway miles on a trip with my SB Stage 2 before it was fully broken in. I just did the break in after and it was good to go. I would just take it easy and stay away from heavy throttle applications as tempting as it may be.
  3. PowerDemon

    Rare Ara S3 Vortex XL build

    Hmmm. Kinda sounds like regular injector tick to me. Think it could be a bit of piston slap? Makes sense since it went away when it warmed up a bit.
  4. PowerDemon

    Rare Ara S3 Vortex XL build

    Good news is EA888s don't have rockers or lifters so I don't think it's that. Is it a tick? Got a video?
  5. PowerDemon

    Project Red XIII: avenali312's OEM+ GTI

    Everyones dream parking spot... Car looks clean man. Love the Watkins Glen wheels.
  6. PowerDemon

    My GTI got dinged ;_; DIY PDR?

    Sorry to disappoint but I had it done at Meticulous Paint-less Dent Removal in Rhode Island. If it were me I would go to either NOVA or Richmond to get the work done.
  7. PowerDemon

    Golf mk7.5 gti pp misfire

    Uhh is anyone else concerned about what appears to be damage to the top of the piston in photos #2-3? Also in terms of the sound I have heard that a chirping noise may be the harmonic balancer hitting the timing chain cover. This thread covers the issue and the solution. Not sure if that is...
  8. PowerDemon

    Is38 oem plus or vortex hybrid

    What’s your power goal? What fuel do you plan to use? Are you at altitude? What is “all the supporting mods”? You need some more parameters before your question can be answered.
  9. PowerDemon

    Custom Spoiler Extension (Gathering Interest)

    Welp, I could resist no longer. I’ve wanted an Aerofabb spoiler extension for some time, but could never justify the price for what it was. I try to support small business whenever I can and this was the perfect opportunity. I can’t wait to receive it! Thanks!
  10. PowerDemon

    My GTI got dinged ;_; DIY PDR?

    I don’t believe that’s repairable any way other than PDR. It was my understanding that the fender/blade is structural as in part of the frame of the vehicle and as a result of that it is not removable.
  11. PowerDemon

    Integrated Engineering - Why Can't I Find Any Threads?

    Not experience but I found this thread. Posts 4, 5,16, 51, 62, and 64 are all related to your query. John@IE also has a few posts in there. Here is another review, and he continues on to stage two a little further down. Hope this helps.
  12. PowerDemon

    Oem Pretorias 19x8 Gunmetal

    Bump for an excellent deal and some beautiful wheels. GLWS
  13. PowerDemon

    SportWagen is BestWagen. Change my mind!

    Crossovers are gross. They aren’t really good at anything except for being FUGLY. With wagons on the other hand you get more utility while retaining sporty driving characteristics. WIN! The only real pro to the SUV IMO is a towing capacity. Thats the only reason I would ever consider one. If my...
  14. PowerDemon

    Official Carbon Steel Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    The weather finally cleared up enough to get a much needed wash in. I fall more in love with this paint every time I wash it... Big props to Chemical Guys! Wheels are (8P) Audi A3 S-Line’s powdercoated “Porsche Silver”
  15. PowerDemon

    Best liqui moly oil

    Leichtlauf High Tech all day, but I agree contacting customer support is the best option.
  16. PowerDemon

    My GTI got dinged ;_; DIY PDR?

    Yeah I paid $180, but I also had them do another larger dent (like yours) on the front left fender too. So I think you’re in the right ballpark price wise. It took my guy less than an 45mins-1hr to do it and he did a FANTASTIC job. 10/10 recommend. Some of the other body shops I had quote it...
  17. PowerDemon

    My GTI got dinged ;_; DIY PDR?

    I had a smaller ding in the same place but on the passenger side. Becuase it is structural they did have to drill a hole like your guy is telling you. I was hesitant at first, but he banged it out in 15 mins, plugged the hole, and I haven’t thought about it since.
  18. PowerDemon

    25000 miles

    ^^ What he said Or this
  19. PowerDemon

    Building Otto

    Glad you see you picked the superior version of the two! What did you think of the build quality? I am hoping to pick one up soon.