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  1. Carlosfandang0

    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    Mk8 Golf R vs A45s What the hell! The Mk8 R is RAPID, 😳Check this video out😳
  2. Carlosfandang0

    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    This is my 2021 BMW M135i xDrive (my 2016 GTI replacement) reviewed against the 2021 Audi S3, considering that Andrew the reviewer is a VAG group fan boy and is not at all sponsored in his videos he comes to a rather surprising conclusion!
  3. Carlosfandang0

    Petrol flap issue

    I had this problem not long before I sold the car, VW carried out a TSB which involved shaving off a small amount of plastic on the inner part of the flap, to all intents and purposes it was as if the actuator had failed, but it was the the fuel flap issue, i too could eventually open it if I...
  4. Carlosfandang0

    Nobody ever sees all 4 wheels at the same time. How about a different color on the other side?

    Motech performance did this recently on their development BMW M135i #Motechperformance
  5. Carlosfandang0

    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    MPI was discontinued in Europe too in late 2018 due to WLTP regs.
  6. Carlosfandang0

    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    it’s an expensive car when you add the bits that would make it a nice R as apposed to a normal one, pro nav/ DCC etc add further costs, I’ve just bought a brand new BMW M135i and to bring the R up to the same spec as it results in the R reaching over £45k GBP! 😳
  7. Carlosfandang0

    2019 GTI: rear main seal leak

    The rear main seal is the crankshaft seal, if it leaks it leaks oil, it may not be leaking enough yet to drop on the ground, it will get worse though.