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    GTI MK7 Infotainment goes off every 5-6 mins

    I have read a few threads with similar symptoms. It is a bad infotainment unit. I assume out of warranty. Get a used infotainment, replace, remove component protection and have functional enablement codes reinstalled remotely. You will need a VAS 5054 and D link Dub E100 adapter for the remote...
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    New here, jumped right in...

    Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the R! What jimlloyd40 said, good first step.
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    Any fixes for the infamous b-pillar weld failure?

    Never knew about this. Interesting read, may be something in here: Around post 163 is where a fix is presesnted: injection of the structural compound into the roof line...
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    DCC Retrofit

    I changed my infotainment (bad unit) and lost my driving modes pop up. To get "driving modes" pop up menu I changed this line of adaptations code in 5F (infotainment) to active. ENG122229-ENG117736-Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2-charisma_0x17"
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    My Briard Chloe. I just throw two or three towels on the back seat.
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    Driver profile selection - retrofit possible?

    Once hardware is installed a Functional Enablement Code needs to be installed (FeC). Someone who does this sort of thing remotely with ODIS can perform. There are few folks who do this that post in the DIY MIB1 to MIB2 thread. This post goes into detail concerning installing FeC...
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    Rear Main Seal Trouble!

    Sorry to hear this, been there done that. Not on this, but on other seals. Thread discussing which discusses making sure it is not cocked. If you try to remove seal to lube edge before...
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    DIY Transmission fluid change

    No we did not answer your question. There may be information in the DIY DSG Fluid and Filter Change thread:
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    MK7 Climatronic upgrade with instructions and pictures.

    Mine too came with the straight connectors. I reported back that it fit fine in footwell somewhere in this thread. Found it here: My kit came with a bare minimum...
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    MK7 Climatronic upgrade with instructions and pictures.

    I placed one sensor in passenger vent and other sensor in footwell. That is how they are marked (G150 and G192). Understood the OP did it different, but most of us corrected that in thread.
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    Ed’s Reps Headlights - Passenger side HID sometimes won’t fire

    I had a lot of problems with ballasts, symptoms were similar to yours. I found the mitsushita ballast from an OEM vehicle where significantly more reliable. Finally went OEM LP lights, but it was part of my journey.
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    2018 Golf R Lost Key

    A security professional approved by VW is required. They need to be registered with the NASTF (National Auto Service Task Force) vehicle security professional registry and have a Online diagnostic information system (ODIS) account. Details can be found here...
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    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    Sorry, but no. As discussed in initial post the screen designed for MIB2 will not work with the MIB1. It is a different resolution, 800X480 pixel vice 400X240 pixel. You either need to upgrade your headunit to MIB2 or stick back in your 5.8" screen which is designed to work with MIB1.
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    How much have you spent on your GTI and purchase do you regret the most?

    Pushing $11K over six years. IMO, all excellent modifications. All labor done by myself. Still have not installed the bottom shielding from skid plate back, but I think it is a worthwhile modification. The $1,100 stereo upgrade was a bit over the top as the Fender system was decent, would of...
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    MK7 Climatronic upgrade with instructions and pictures.

    When I performed compressor run-in, the only feedback I recall was AC light came on. Previous to performing compressor run in AC light and AC function did not work.
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    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    What is an "OEM king/peter"? You mentioned MIB1 fender amp may need coding. Did you code per the instructions in the initial thread? I made it BOLD in all caps and stated IMPORTANT UPDATE. "IMPORTANT UPDATE: Per this thread a MIB1 amplifier can be made to work with a MIB2 head unit...