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    The official "Post your deal!!!" thread

    Got it, looks like a good deal. On 2020’s I’ve heard there is an additional 3k dealer cash to move them out if you don’t take the special 0% apr.
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    The official "Post your deal!!!" thread

    Did you get VW special 0% apr? Or financed yourself ?
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    The official "Post your deal!!!" thread

    I've been hearing that deals are tough right now and will get worse in the short term. Used car prices are high too. Will have to wait until the mk8 arrives to try to get a good deal...
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    Warranty Repair? - Actuator Solenoid

    Currently at 35,900mi on my 2016 GTI, decided to pay for an Indy to look over my car before the basic warranty expires. Good thing they found an active coolant leak from the water pump which was pretty obvious. However, they also found an oil leak, this is what the tech put in the report...
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    Dealer left intake hose disconnected

    So I just had the DSG service done two weeks ago and today I heard this weird swoosh sound when the turbo kicked in at low speeds. Opened the hood and found the air intake hose completely disconnected :mad: Took a picture and clamped it back, but should I be concerned? My wife has mostly...
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    First time at dealer - 2016 golf tsi 5sp

    Currently at 8k miles, have been taking note of a couple of new car bugs and finally took car to dealer. Some are kinda common, like the weak A/C, but others surprised me (warped rotors). I wanted to share in case it helps anyone else with their troubleshooting with dealer. Issue 1. When...