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    What is your opinion about wagons?

    You need another category: I love wagons, they're beautiful, functional, but I'm a realist and will buy an suv because of availability, cost, and options.
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    Anyone have experience with updated Ohlins road and track kit?

    Varies. Two of my friends have ohlins, one has done a rebuild twice (first at 50k and second at 15k miles) and took 6 weeks each time, while the other did a rebuild at 25k and took 10 weeks. Moton and similar others are also generally around 6 weeks from what I've seen.
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    RacingLine Golf MK7 Oil Cooler

    How are you plumbing air to it? Or did you just yank the cooling stack ducting?
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    RacingLine Golf MK7 Oil Cooler

    Is an oil cooler legal in sth? Didn't think it or brake venting was legal. I don't follow scca stuff anymore because I hate their classing, and car safety stuff is the biggest reason why.
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    RacingLine Golf MK7 Oil Cooler

    The vwr size with venting and air leak areas in the grill/cooling-stack intake taped off with gorilla tape does a good job of keeping oil temps safer for 20 min sessions. Adding venting and tape reduced my temps by another 15 degrees or so. 30 mins is pushing it, but by that point 200tw tires...
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    Having Car Driven In From One Dealer To Another

    The size of some car seats really is obnoxious for smaller cars. My gti can barely fit our "compact" rear facing convertible seat, and it was the smallest one of the bunch. The s3 can't fit it at all with me driving (6'0") since the seats are thicker and shaped differently. We had a crosstrek...
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    RacingLine Golf MK7 Oil Cooler

    Once you have the vwr lower threaded portion, any standard thermostat will work. My kit works on the street with the 10 row, but I have to keep my hood liner in or my hood louvres let hot air go. It's been sucky through winter, but that's also due to below 0 conditions and short drives.
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    Cliff's Grey Hare

    Looks good! 3 weeks is quite a while!! I thought it took me a while paint correcting an suv for a week straight, but I'll have to tell my wife to quit complaining because it's not three weeks! Lol
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    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    Second everything mini said ^ I'll also add I absolutely cannot hit 186*F on oil with the standard size vwr cooler and their pressure valve when it's below freezing outside on my regular drives. I HAVE to leave the car running for 10 mins before my drive to daycare (6 miles), leave it running...
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    Apr downpipe with AWE track exhaust

    Cut out the muffler? That's the only way to go louder unless you remove your turbo or go engine swap. I can't imagine wanting that loud, but thank God I'm not your neighbor or you'd wind up with a plugged exhaust, lol.
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    I'm a new owner of a golf mk 7 2013 - please advise - boot lining under spare wheel soaking wet - Also DPF filter warning has come on

    Good to know. The '16 manual i have talks about def for diesel cars, so I assumed that was universally true for them.
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    Seeking Se/SEL/Gti/R seats

    Look on vwvortex. There's a thread out there with a long list of people happily waiting to give away their leather seats for some plaid.
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    I'm a new owner of a golf mk 7 2013 - please advise - boot lining under spare wheel soaking wet - Also DPF filter warning has come on

    You should give more context, and detail, so we can understand what you're dealing with exactly. It sounds like the Def fluid is leaking and the car isn't keeping the filter clean...? Or maybe it was spilled on refill and coincidentally the car never gets up to operating temp? Yes, a short 15...
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    DSG jumping out of gear on take off

    Tried that, made it worse... But the fact it stopped with the wavetrac is an interesting correlation.
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    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    Brake kleen residue can break down oils and leave behind salts when it evaporates. Before reassembling everything I would brush the areas you sprayed with some oil and rinse off, or just use a simple acid bath to clean up.
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    DSG doing funny things lately

    No problem! Please feel free to add anything you've been experiencing specifically and if you're actively troubleshooting anything. Any info helps understand it better. Also, if you hold the accelerator down to the floor until the button activates, go into acc (push button with no foot on...
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    DSG doing funny things lately
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    DSG doing funny things lately

    Don't worry, it'll come back soon :). There's another thread for this running around. I've been tracking and logging behavior and for me so far it's reproducible a week after a reset. After everything is warm on restart, it will engage the clutch and then quickly disengage-re-engage. If I...
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    Coilover Kit Information

    Nice! I'm curious how that subframe will play with the superpro arms. Why not go all verkline? Going for the standard or custom spring and damping rates?
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    Quick Racingline Subframe Alignment Kit Review

    Honestly, I'd much rather read than spend time watching a marketing YouTube video, but there's nothing wrong with adding the collars. I made my own brass ones and they work fine, but the benefit is reducing small alignment changes that come from extreme gforce. A typical street driver won't see...