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    Low boost / odd condition on 2-3rd hard pulls.

    Hey guy, wanted to get some extra eyes on this to see if anyone has an idea what's happening... I'm having an issue when doing a hard pull from 2-3rd, its not boosting or even demanding boost or the wastegate duty properly... after i shift in to 3rd, logs are showing this condition below (2...
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    Clutch slip log

    Figured since we all like looking at logs, some would get a kick out of these 3 logs showing what it looks like with some MEGA slip going on, lol. back story.... this is with the clutch master fx-500 full face ceramic 8 puck disc, the clutch has less than 5k on it too as i just had it installed...
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    SOLD-$375 shipped JB4 W/Bluetooth & data wire *updated

    Used for less than a year on my 2019 gti , I purchased direct from BMS. I plugged it all back in and reset the map 6 to the way it came as well as the FOL, I also put it back to map 1 before I removed it so it’s ready to slap on a go for the next owner. *see pics below for confirmation. Comes...
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    SOLD - OBDeleven - Propack - Apple/android

    SOLD - Hey guys, So last month when I ordered one, their site was being weird and the order got placed 2 times even though at the time of ordering the I only received one invoice... once I found out this happened I contacted VOLTAS direct and since they were using amazon only as the shipper...
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    Meth injection fail safe options

    Hi Guys, I'm going to be install a meth injection kit this weekend and I'm trying to weight out my fail safe options. the kit I'm using is from AEM and their controller does have a signal beyond the dummy light that gets triggered when there is some issues, I initially wanted to use the system...
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    Shopdap recent feature car

    This popped up in the feed, is this a member here? banging 30+Lbs on a stock is38?! cool car.
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    Fender flares

    I have no affiliation with them, but been following their page to see production of these....figured a SoCal guy might be interested since they are looking for a car to test them on.