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    Trickle Charging

    Thank you hooville! I know from personal experience that in other and/or older cars the process is a nobrainer. The MK 7.5 has the sophisticated control modules which may be a bit delicate under certain conditions and an entirely different battery due to the S&S. Then there's the battery control...
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    Trickle Charging

    For Golf MK7.5 gasoline engine start-and-stop owners: Should I disconnect the battery (negative terminal only) before connecting the 3 A (max. output) trickle charger/maintainer? Can I use the solar charger connected to the rear 12V socket in the car (not controlled by the key)? I would...
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    2018 GTI SD Card Issues

    Hi everyone, While searching for a playlist file fix, I noticed that the SD card specs seen here may be incomplete and/or outdated. Here is what my car's Composition/Discover Media 2 Manual (update April 19, 2018, Italian version: July 2018, p. 24) says on the subject in a footnote: SD cards...
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    2018 S H7 headlightbulb replacement help?

    A question for Golf 7.5 owners out there: is there a list of bulb types used on the car? I have the 2018 Variant (aka Sportwagon), comes with a nice fat Owner's Handbook lacking that information. And there's no pdf file available either (while the sister company SKODA had them since 2005). Are...
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    Bulbs for Halogen headlights?

    HELLA is one of the major traditional automotive lighting & electrics companies in Germany, therefore in the world. Bigger doesn't always read better. Having survived in the world of BOSCH, OSRAM, PHILIPS or similar giants means being darn good, both in products and in management. Take a look at...
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    Lighting, Should I buy bulbs or new head unit??

    I do agree 100% with dosjockey's approach, borderline but reasonable and responsible. Thumbs up for the foglight remark, especially the rear ones, annoying except in once-in-a-lifetime epic fogs...
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    Lighting, Should I buy bulbs or new head unit??

    The fact of the matter is that the OEM lights only are street-legal, the others are not - this pretty much closes any debate on the technicalities. The insurance companies love to avoid paying a cent if they can get away with it, both involved parties much the same, so good long looks would be...
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    What's all the hype about LED lighting?

    Forgive me for giving my 2 cents on lighting: HIDs used to come in different color temps, starting from around 4,000K (incandescent-like but brighter) and up to 10,000K or even more. Afaik, headlamp LEDs come only as 6,000K and that is not the best color temp for human eye as some of you guys...
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    Lighting, Should I buy bulbs or new head unit??

    It DOES matter because you don't know whether your headlights blind the oncoming traffic - they do. And if you're unlucky to get noticed by a police patrol, they may not buy into your explanation and that might cost you some money. As I said before, it's entirely up to you...
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    Lighting, Should I buy bulbs or new head unit??

    No, just experience. Would you bet your insurance coverage on someone not noticing they were replaced? Even a blind person can tell the difference between a halogen and a HID/LED, and then there are fines, too. If you're involved in an accident, those are the risks. The decision is up to you...
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    Lighting, Should I buy bulbs or new head unit??

    Keep in mind that retrofit HIDs or LEDs are illegal, in sellers lingo: OFF ROAD, RACING and similar euphemisms for plain English: UNFIT FOR PUBLIC ROAD USE. The ONLY legal option remains replacing the headlamp bulbs with EXACTLY the same type as the OEM-grade bulbs installed in the factory, period.
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    Headlight condensation?

    If there is considerable difference between the two, I'd claim this under warranty, water infiltration is likely. I had this on a 15-yr old Mk2 Octavia and fixed it myself as the warranty was long gone. On a new car it's a different story - why would you settle for less?
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    Hi, You have only one legal possibility for your headlamps: install exactly the same OEM-type bulbs, i.e. halogens if the car was factory-equipped with those. Then there are many other options (mostly aftermarket HID or LED), all illegal at the current state of affairs. Beware of OFF-ROAD, RACE...
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    Hi from NW Italy to all forum members. I've owned my first Golf since last Friday, a used mk7.5...

    Hi from NW Italy to all forum members. I've owned my first Golf since last Friday, a used mk7.5 1.4TSI 92kW/125PS DSG Variant (Executive trim, don't know the UK equivalent) with 36,000 km/ 22,000 mi on the clock. Not entirely new to the GOLF, after two TDI Octavias (mk1 and mk2)... I do hope...