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    H&R OE Sport springs w/ DCC

    If you have a US spec rabbit you don’t have DCC. Only Canadian spec got them. They got the dream setup.
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    Error: Driver door contact switch.

    Yeah I had that with my 2019. Intermittent it was worse in winter. Finally after bringing it to dealer multiple times and not pulling codes, I drove it straight there with the error popping up. They replaced the sensor in the door. Been fine ever since.
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    SOLD: Cloth Euro Rear Headrests (Left/Right) $180 shipped.

    Haha thanks. Wishful thinking. 🤣
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    SOLD: Cloth Euro Rear Headrests (Left/Right) $180 shipped.

    Hard to tell but these don’t have the red stitching to match GTI seats do they?
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    MK7.5, 7 Speed DSG question

    I got an addendum to the owners manual mailed to me about the 7 speed DSG correcting the issues from the error.
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    2019 IS38 GTI going Ethanol

    Off topic but that's funny I grew up in Montgomery and worked in Newburgh for many years. Glad I left NY!
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    You got a part list for the conversion? I've been thinking of doing the same at some point. I went from an 8.4in screen in my Charger and moved to the Rabbit. Didn't really miss the larger clearer screen until I bought my wife a new 21 Pacifica with the nice 10" screen. Man I got screen envy...
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    It was an impulse buy..

    Depending on where you are in NC can help people provide you with shops. Black forest industries in Cary and Apex Tuning in Apex seem to be highly recommended.
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    Used GTI prices are nearly as high as those for new MK7.5s

    Most of the complaints are from buying out leases and 3rd parties which is what a lot of people are having issues with. Vroom is great sold 3 cars to them.
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    Where to buy Pretoria wheels?

    Prices are insane. I just want to buy one good one for a spare. Was hoping with all these 2021 SE's that I'd find some cheap take offs, but alas no luck.
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    Black Forest Technik Grand Opening (Saturday 5/8. 2 PM – 6 PM)

    I was considering it. I live about 5 miles from them. Just gotta see if I got any free time this weekend.
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    GTI is gone and the replacement is here

    Yes. You'll have instant regret. I went from 2017 Charger Scat Pack to my 2019 GTI. While I enjoy the GTI and I did it for the right reason, I still haven't gotten over that regret. It's paid off now and my son wants it when he turns 16, so I'll run it as my DD for the next 4 or 5 years and...
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    Set of 4 225/40r18 OEM Pirelli P7 Cinturato $100 OBO Raleigh NC area

    Bump $150 OBO wife wants these out of the house!