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    Is your Thule rack for a GTI or Golf just wondering cuz im lookin to get 1 and it doesnt say on there web site that they have any for mk6 gti's JW?
    my wheels are 18x8 and are actually 5x112 with the hub bore of 57.1, so they fit the car without wobble bolts or hubcentric rings. i purchased them from some time ago but they were a close out item and are not available on the site anymore. no clue as to where you might be able to find another set. wobble bolts are safe for street use and plenty of people use them with their BBS RS's and such, I just wouldnt race with em. i dont know how well they would hold up under the extra stress but i wouldnt want to find out the hard way, thats just my personal opinion on the matter.

    I am thinking of purchasing racing wheels on my GTI VI, what dimensions are the rota wheels P45f you have on your car, I suppose they are 5x114,3 which is not the correct dimension as the Golf has 5x112. Did you used the special "wobble" bolts and what about the hubcentric rings?

    My last questions .. Is it safe?

    Thanks for response. Martin
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