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  • How's it goin dude? You heading to the Great Lakes gtg this year in buffalo?

    Think I might have done something against forum
    Regulations.. I wanted to change my username but did not know I could possibly ask a moderator so I opened a new account :/
    Username SK VeeDubR
    Is it possible to close that account and just change my username? Or consolidate?

    Sorry for the inconvenience
    please remove my post "getting stage 1 and wondering" thx jacked by a bunch of gti trolls. oh its in the mk6 r forum....thanks
    Can you please move my exhaust posting out of the vendor folder and put it in the private folder? Sorry for the mixup.

    Hey, I started a thread in this section, and It needs to be moved to the cosmetic mods section. It's the thread 'Halogen to Xenon Problem' thx
    Hi Bubuski,

    I've seen some photo's of your dazzling red beast in the snow. Now I'm trying to identify your rims, are they the standard Atlanta Bioline alloy, if so which part number, do you know? Also what tyre dimensions are you running? I'm wanting my shadow blue to look like that in the snow this year.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mr F
    Hey Bubuski:
    I have just bought all the stuff to convert my Premium 8 SS to RNS 510 with a NEWLY installed 9W7 BT in my 2010 Golf Wagon. In one of your posts you said "I know of a Guy in the GTA who installs the OEM kits for VWs and Audis. PM me for his info if you require it." You wouldn't mind giving me his contact info, as I'd like to get a quote from him before I attempt the DIY install. My stealership quoted a FULL day @ 100$ an hour to do the job and it sounded like they weren't too sure of what they were doing!


    Thanks for the info I got my car to the nearest dealer and he will not look at the car on till next week I had to rent a car and he does not no if VW will pay for
    Good day Bubuski, I just recently rediscovered the sight and I'm enjoying it very much. much better than another VW sight that begins with VTEX. Need I say more. Just keep up the good work.
    Hi Bubuski, would you be able to link me up with an owner's manual in English? Just picked up my GTI in Shanghai after waiting for 4 months, and it's a big job having it translated!
    what are the best summer tires for 18 inch detroit rims? what about winter package? what would you recommend?
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