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    Sorry to pester you, but could you possibly help me change my username? I searched posts and FAQ and it sounds like it's not common to change... but I used my real name on accident and I'd really prefer a little more anonymity. Thanks!!
    I'm a member of the MKVI forum but my user name and password won't work to log into the MKVII forum. I now own a MKVII GTI but I can't log into the MKVII forum. Can you help me with this?

    My user name is VDuBNIT but when I enter it to log into the MKVII site it won't allow me to log in. I tried to register on the MKVII forum but it says my email address is already in use, which it is on the MKVI side of this forum.......
    Mod: I've tired to update a posting and it doesn't seem to update after hitting save, can you help or delete my post and I will redo?
    greetings. I created a FS thread this morning not realizing i was clicked into the engine and exhaust subforum. Would it be possible for you to move it to the appropriate location? the listing is for a Double Apex Garage Control. I guess it could go in either the interior or electronics sections?

    I apologize for the listing this is the wrong place.

    Hey hows it going? I was wondering if I could get my username changed? Can you do that or can you tell me who can?
    Dear Moderator, I posted on private classified wheel and tires, to sell a Detroit Wheel. But when I search web site using words Detroit wheels my post does not come up. Any information on this would help me. Thanks, Richard
    hey man, when I registered I typed in the wrong user name.... so I was wondering, can you change my user name? from .:R 4086 to .:R 4082 ?? It looks like your using vBulletin and we use it for our local group and I know I can change user names on it....

    I know its petty, but I would like to keep my user names the same on all boards.

    Can you help me, I can't seem to figure out how to start a new post.

    Sorry for the idiotic question but your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Bubuski, I ran my 2011 golf TDI dry and need a vcds to have it reprimed. Are you available either today (Sunday) or tomm. Monday to lend a hand? I understand your fee. The car is near Dixie outlet mall in Mississauga. Any help is appreciated.
    hey mod, can you delete the thread i posted about ecu tuning? They have solved the problem long ago. But some how the thread kept being bumped back
    Can you please have someone contact me in regards to paying to become a vendor sponsor? I'd also like to change my name to UNDERWRAPS AUTOMOTIVE.

    Best Regards,

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