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  • You wrote me about the COBB PCV return routing issue a while back, I am just seeing it now.

    I installed a GFB DV+ which got rid of the whistle.
    Dealer saw "system to lean at idle."
    MBV in spec.
    Dealer replaced the PCV valve.
    Passed my pressure test.

    A day later, I am getting:

    P0101 Mass of volumetric Air flow Circ. Range/Performance. Defined as a Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit/Performance Malfunction
    P2177 System too lean off idle, Bank 1

    At least no more P2279 Intake Air System Leak!

    Here I am, three months later, $1500+ into COBB Stage 1+ and I haven't heard from Stratified in a while.

    I've never heard about the rerouting of the PCV return, thanks for mentioning.

    I am ready to ship the COBB intake back and go with someone else at this point.

    I'm going to call COBB and see what the deal is with that. So frustrating.

    thanks again for your feedback, helpful as I navigate this mess.

    - Dave in Vermont


    P2177 System too lean off idle, Bank 1
    P2279 Intake Air System Leak
    I was showing those codes with the Cobb intake with my K04. I had issues with the way the PCV return was routed. I bought a new return hose and Cobb sent me a new intake pipe that was slightly different but still had the crappy location for PCV return. Still had the codes. As much as it pained me because I like the Cobb parts I returned the Cobb intake and got a different setup that retained the stock location for PCV return and have no codes. So in my experience it was the Cobb intake.
    Hey again. I didn't realize you were offering your old turbo! I misread it. Any chance you'd be able to ship it my way? Please let me know what you think, it's getting down to the wire and I may have to reuse the old one. Thanks man
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