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    Will_s Night Blue GTI daily turned track build

    I got mine for MSRP, ordered specifically from a MSRP only dealer. It was like $31.8k before taxes, I think $36.5 OTD. I paid an additional $1000 for an add on insurance that covers the windshield (OEM glass and install/sensor alignment) for 4 years, which seemed worth it as I have had bad luck...
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    Will_s Night Blue GTI daily turned track build

    If anyone would like my old GTI, it is currently for sale for just about $2k more than I paid for it NEW :LOL: In GR86 news…I am just under 1k miles at present. So far I’ve done coilovers, 20% tint, Endless MX72 Plus pads, adjustable rear lower control arms...
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    Bay Area Track Days

    Oops. I meant September. Fixed
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    Bay Area Track Days

    I will be at Thunderhill West on Sat September 17th with SpeedSF.
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    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    I have a few random parts laying around taking up space…come take these off my hands please. OBD11 Pro w/ Android Tablet: $50 Carista OBD2 Module (pairs with RaceChrono and other apps for real-time OBD2 overlays on videos): $20 BNIB Zimmerman 272mm rear rotors with half used OEM pads: $free if...
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    SOLD: Part Out

    Sorry, it has sold.
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    Will_s Night Blue GTI daily turned track build

    The GR86 arrived today. You’ll find me back at Laguna/Sonoma/Thunderhill in about a month. Already got parts piled up my living room :)
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    SOLD: OEM Downpipe for GTI - SF Bay Area

    Wasn’t planning on shipping due to the size and weight but may consider in the near future if I can’t find a local buyer.
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    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    Sorry these have sold.
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    SOLD: BFI Catch Can

    Bump bump
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    SOLD: Eibach 25mm RSB

    Bump, price drop, now open to shipping.
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    Show us your MK7

    Well the MK8 forum is pretty dead so…
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    SOLD: 17x9 Apex SM-10 in Anthracite, Falken RT660

    These are SOLD