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    OEM brakes and rotors are toast!

    My tuner is upgrading me to; And STOPTECH 308 pads
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    APR Stage2 and still loving it!

    33,000 miles with APR Stage 2 (High Torque) and some extras. Took a friend out for spin who just got an S3. Looking to mod it. Said he could feel the skin on his face move back and was pinned in the seat under acceleration. I got on it four times. I also heard him say... "holy shit" the...
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    The best description of our car

    Golf R : Sophisticated Savage STI: Fast Car for Boys
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    My next vehicle! ADD: • APR Stage 1 • Lower it • bigger sway bars • dual exhaust • remove badges
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    APR's drop in Turbo that they are working on?

    I received word from a friend at a shop that handles APR. Said that they are currently working on a stock frame drop in turbo that will not require other added hardware and should produce near 400WHP. Aaron, any comments from APR on the status?
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    Replacement horn?

    Found my OEM horn is not so good. I hit the center of the steering to blow it and it's kinda funky sounding. Is there a great plug and play replacement out there?
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    RS3 Coil Packs ?

    Those of you that have these... where did you purchase them? Part #06H 905 110G
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    Blue lug bolts?

    Anyone know where I can purchase these Blue lug bolts? What thread and length do I need?
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    WTB: (4) 19" pretoria wheels

    Looking for new off the car after delivery!
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    Rear bar and end links

    Upgraded to the 25MM Neuspeed rear sway bar and the SuperPro endlinks. Set the bar on the stiffest setting. Noticeable difference in the corners!
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    Water/Methanol Injection

    Since I went APR Stage 2 (91 Octane HQ file) I'm seriously considering doing what most people in the industry refer to as "Stage 2 Plus." With an APR Stage 2 (93 Octane HQ file) and JB4 stacked. Please chime in if you have this setup and your experiences with it. What are the noticeable...
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    APR Stage 2

    Took the plunge today. APR Stage 2 (high torque) tune and more goodies. The ride home was PRICELESS!!! Had a fellow in a new Subie try to take me on the Highway... I was gone in an instant!!! There is truly a dramatic difference in response vs Stage 1! OMG!!!
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    I Want a Lexus

    No thanks!
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    Got these today from my cousin in Germany!
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    Updated Golf R 10 horses... that's it?! Gimme a break! I'll just keep modding mine thank you.