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  • Victor,
    Can you get me a price quote on some v710's 18x8.5 ET45 (5x112) in hyper silver for my 4dr MK6 GTI please? Also, what tires do you have in the wheel/tire packages that come in 225/40/18 and can you include a price on some of those options as well? I live in Fremont, CA so I will probably have all of this shipped to 94555. Would those packages include the tire pressure sensors? Would I need longer lug bolts?
    hey how much would it be for a set of
    5 x 112
    V810s in hyper silver or bronze burst?

    Hey bud what is an easy way to contact you i dont come to this site much or often, but i do have 2009 gti and i would like to have few ideas. Like the wheels look sick for example.
    let me know if you are still looking for lowered VWs for the shoot. Im on H&R sport cup on my UG Rabbit
    RE: Searching for a couple lowered MK5's

    What time frame are you looking at? I'm in Arizona, have a Red 2009 GTI and will have Koni coilovers on it in a couple weeks... So far stock 17" wheels and tires but you know how I love those V713's. I'd love to see GM or HS on it and doubt we would be taking them off if they had tires I like too...
    Hi, i sent an email to your email address taken off your site but 3 days past and yet no reply anyhow here's what i wrote.

    Came across about your wheels whilst browsing thru GOLFMKVI forum was interested particularly the V710 series. I must say those are one of the best looking rims for GTI in the market right now.

    I am keen to purchase one set for my MKV GTI and would like to have your price quotation. And i also understand you offer international delivery, im located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so shipment might take a while i suppose.

    Im interested in
    Wheels: VMR V710
    Size: 19inch
    Bolt: 5 lugs / 112.0
    Offset: 45
    Colour: Hyper Silver

    Can you please give me your best price together and delivery to malaysia.

    Looking forward to your respond.

    Hi Don,

    Can you tell me the cost for the 18" VMR710s and how much they would cost to ship to Sydney Australia?

    We currently have no gunmetal finishes in stock. We do however have the silver finish in stock, if you would be interested in those instead. Price is $699 + $100 for shipping, within the US, for a set of 18"s.

    You can PM me if you have any other questions.

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