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  • To just get them in is easy but the wiring is the difficult part. I would recommend taking it somewhere and having them do it.
    Not sure what they're for, the guy who installed them needed them for the front 2 springs, apparently when you replace them you need to get new screws. You'll need an alignment within 200 or so miles after having them installed
    hmmmm I'm actually having someone put them in. what kind of huge screws are you talking about?
    Yeah just the springs. I had a friend with experience install them and the only other thing I needed were 2 huge screws I bought at the VW service dealer for like $2-3 total. If you got it professionally installed I'd think they would have the screws though.

    No complaints with the ride, it is a tad more bumpy because you feel a lot more of the bumps in the road but its not horrible or anything.
    so all you got were the ss springs? did you need anything else? how's the ride? sorry about all the questions. i just picked up my golf 3 days ago and i just wanna make sure im doing it right.
    hey would you be able to send me the link to where you got your springs. i google searched the super sports but cant seem to be finding anything. i think your height is a perfect height so i was interested in the springs. thankss. Mike.
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