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    Precision Raceworks MPI 1300cc BNIB

    Got a 1300cc MPI kit from Precision Raceworks. Brand new in the box. Just don’t see myself installing it anytime soon. $1000 Shipped. US only.
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    OEM Stock Mk7 R Intercooler

    Stock Mk7 Golf R Intercooler with hoses. About 55k miles still in good condition. $100 Shipped. US only.
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    AutoTech HPFP Internals w/ Removal Tool

    Brand new HPFP internals for MK7 with the removal tool. Have different plans now. Never installed and honestly the box was only opened once lol $275 Shipped. US Only.
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    Turbo Upgrade/Supporting Mods

    I daily the car so 450 ft/lb and high 400s hp would be safe for me... I guess Vortex XL would be the route Im leaning towards since Im switching over to EQT anyways.
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    Turbo Upgrade/Supporting Mods

    Hello all! I am currently in the process of deciding on what turbo to upgrade to (hybrid or big boi) and what supporting mods must be had to run one on E too. I was hoping to get some suggestions and see what kind of set ups some of you guys and gals out there are running. Also wanted to gauge...
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    Error codes

    A member on an fb group mentioned it could be a boost leak. Found one of my boost hoses wasnt set properly. Stupid DIY mistake. Fixed it and Im gonna reflash and try again
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    Error codes

    Just got my new dp on and went to log. Hit about 5500 rpm on first pull and the car checked out. Went into limp mode and threw some codes that Ive posted below. Anybody have any input on cause/solution? Thanks guys.
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    Stock Airbox FS

    Bump. $100 Shipped OBO
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    OEM MK7 Golf R Intercooler

    Bump. $150 Shipped OBO
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    Stock Airbox FS

    Got a stock airbox from my 2015 R. Snow guard removed and has a cobb high flow filter with 100 miles on it. Also comes with and ECS Inlet hose and oem inlet pipe. $110 shipped. US Only.
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    BNIB CTS Res Delete Golf R

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    BNIB CTS Res Delete Golf R

    I replied to your pm 👍🏽
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    BNIB CTS Res Delete Golf R

    BNIB. Comes with both clamps. $125 Shipped US only.
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    More noises!

    More noises that you guys can’t hear that I am humbly asking about once again, cos I have no idea what Im doing (only 50% satirical lol).. Mods done (all done by myself): - IE Intake (open) V2 w/ Turbo inlet - AMS FMIC - Colder plugs So, it may have started after the intercooler install I...