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  • Yes, I remember that thread. I even tried to help MJM out by explaining that Hawk and others are selling R32 pads with incorrect clips on some pad models. The man running that company has issues. Thx for sending.
    Hello Mike,

    How did the meet go after I left ?? I saw the white R32 came at the time i just left.

    I have a question that do you remember there is an other white guy who has a gray GTI with snow tires on it. I am not sure what is his ID in this forum, but I remember his face.

    part 2 of 2

    And then another week went by, and I gave up on you. You guys are literally just blocks up Main from me, and it would've been nice to forge a relationship, but I just don't have much tolerance left for bad customer service. Nothing personal, as I've certainly seen plenty of warm responses directed your way on Dubberz, but with the sale on, time is fairly important, and I don't really settle for anything less than good customer care. I've already been to RPI Equipped for the APR flash, which was postponed as APR doesn't have a flash for my `09 yet, and I've already asked PG Performance to hold a complete BSH intake for me, which I'm picking up later today.

    Maybe next time.


    part 2 of 2
    part 1 of 2

    Hi Kendall,

    The first time I called was not long after APR's sale started, so early March? I asked for you, and was put through to a generic sounding mailbox; woman's voice, but no name given. I explained that I was interested in an APR flash and RSC exhaust system and left my name and number.

    A week passed and I called back, again asking for you, mentioned that I'd left a message previously and not received a response, and was again put through to this generic mailbox. I left another message, and then immediately called back to ask your receptionist if I was getting through to the right extension. She wasn't sure, and said she'd have it looked at, and took my name and number to forward to you directly.

    part 1 of 2

    Where did you call to get info on the APR items?

    I dont have record of you calling at all.

    Please reply as I would like to straighten this out.

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