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  • Hi i am in need of support regarding retrofit of MIB unit in vw caddy 2016
    with secondhand part, the component protection is taken care of by the vw dealer
    The old unit is part number 1K083515E replaced with 5K7035200K and was provided with original backup camera from same car
    The unit is in function with but many restriction
    can you help please.
    I have a Discover Pro MIB2.5+ High that dumped part of the software and is in firmware update loop (blue screen then red screen, then shutdown....repeat). It won't accept firmware load from SD card.
    Hi Vag.flashdaten

    I try with emergency boot toflash it with original firmware but without result crying
    Only black screen

    Radio is:
    MIB STD2 PQ+Nav SW138 HW05

    Help me if u can please
    I will pay just to solve it
    my car is without radio now

    Hi, I have a Skoda Octavia 2013/2014 with a MIB1 Columbus (5E0035020A) that I want to upgrade to a MIB2 (I can get 5Q0035874C locally).
    Can you do remote CP deactivation and coding to fit a MIB2 to my car?
    What is your price?
    What tools/cables do I need?
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