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    Windshield Chip Repair

    I wouldn't. Different refractive index. Try one of the DIY chip repair kits instead.
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    Mk7 Gti Gasoline Leak Problem

    It would fall under the emissions warranty.
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    MK7 Haldex Issue… how to diagnose?

    Since you have a code, a clogged pump filter is most likely the issue. I'm curious what kind of tires you have on the car though.
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    Mk7.5 Euro Rear Tails Not Working - DAP Harness

    I misunderstood. Glad you got it sorted!
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    Mk7.5 Euro Rear Tails Not Working - DAP Harness

    AFAIK no rear lights should be illuminated as daytime running lights. They come on only when the headlights are on or parking lights if you have a euro switch.
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    Adding Space Saver Spare, Hold-Down "Bolt"

    e-acca packs it well. Mine made it completely undamaged years ago when I bought them from them.
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    Launch control tire spin

    Yup, all seasons can spin the fronts. Also get someone to video your launch to see if the rears appear to engage.
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    Quick Questions About the Space Saver Spare

    Only early 15s had foam in there in the US.
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    Golf R rims, replace or buy new?

    You can then single sell the other three to help pay for the switch.
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    Injector Service - Preventative Maintenance?

    I throw a bottle of this in every oil change. Many years ago a bottle of this stuff cleared up a fluttering gas gauge in my B5 Passat.
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    Advice on trouble codes

    Not enough detail on your error codes for anyone to even proffer an opinion.
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    2016 Base (Non-DCC) Golf R rides rough

    Lowered springs with the stock bump stops? Probably hitting them.