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    Radio Exchange

    Hello all..... my VW golf 7 TSI 2014 model car radio got damaged, am thinking of replacing it with the other second hand. now the problem is. I am not sure if the connections from old radio will fit into the new one from Golf GTI. front navigation key are slightly different. the one with more...
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    Good Afternoon

    no issues with overheating, car is always on 90 degrees even when stationary. no bad smell of coolant. haven't checked thermostat because the temperature is always normal
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    Good Afternoon

    StorableComa how should i check the clogged heater core?
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    Good Afternoon

    Hello everyone am in Botswana. my VW golf 7 TSI 2014 model, import from singapore is not blowing hot air even when i selected the knob to High, blower is working well and aircon is prefect. what can be the cause. please help am feeling cold when am driving in the morning