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  • I have a few questions, I recently got my car tuned at IE I have a 2010 GTI and I love it. Dan told me that my car should be pushing 281 hp at 22.5 psi on my KO3 but on your website I haven't been able to find anything that supports that. Could you help me out? Also when will you guys release the powerLink v2 OBD cable for the TSI engines, how much will the maps run etc? Thank you Tyler!

    P.S. I am super happy with my tune, I just want to confirm what was told to me so that I can show my friends who are skeptical.
    Sorry, I did not see your visitor message. The intercooler is not confirmed for fitment on TDI's.
    I'm interested in pricing on your new intercooler and when it will be available. Please include any applicable shipping estimates for 77539
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