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    Freely rotate front wheel?

    Hi All, After looking at the rusty rotor hats for the last 6 months I decided they needed to go and set about cleaning them up, removing all the rust and painting them silver to match the OEM new look. The rears have been done and look superb but now the fronts..... My Mk7 is DSG with euro...
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    What movie car would you have???

    Mr Beans Mini........
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    A year on.....Body flex issues

    It's now 14 months into the ownership of my current Mk7 Golf, nothing to report on the gearbox or engine, all good. However one issue which has been present since day one and has driven me nuts is the old galleon creeking of the doors, it's really bad and yesterday I cleaned all the door...
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    Things which irritate me on this forum

    Ah, Marvin...he was a barrel of laughs! He reminded me of that depressed robot from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.
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    Things which irritate me on this forum

    Someone moderated my ass off here in my former guise after I locked horns with some Brazilians and their illegal behaviour and the much missed and highly knowledgeable in things VW - The Bruce was also booted from these parts for his sometimes abrasive nature. I was WolksVagen.......I do prefer...
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    Things which irritate me on this forum

    What annoys you lot? For me these are the two most irritating behaviours on this forum - 1. People referring to themselves in the third party - i.e. (insert user name here)'s GTI / GT / GTD / R..... I'm sure most here are adults and not too self important to refer to themselves in the third...
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    VCDS mods to DRL indicating

    Has anyone here figured out the setting for the following mods? LED DRL blinks in opposite phase to indicator - LED DRL blinks in same phase to indicator -
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    Interesting R....

    Never seen one of these before, via facebook.
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    China Explosion Destroys Thousands of VWs
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    LED License plate resistor heat

    Just wondering how hot the resistors are likely to get, some of the third party retrofit kits have some hefty heat sinks. Would they get hot enough to cause heat damage to plastic trim or the bumper?
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    VW Service Humour

    This was shared via a local VW enthusiast FB page.... Almost as good as chambered spacers...
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    Poorboys World

    Anyone here have any experience of Poorboys World detailing products? I've just ordered a load of stuff after trying out the Black Hole. Cheers.
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    ACC & Start-stop system Faults

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this - The car came up with a load of errors on the dash when I started the car up on Saturday evening, it eventually settled down and gave an ACC error and Start-stop system error, the car also idled rough, I restarted the car but the same errors...
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    Lincoln Continental Comin at the S, 7, and A8

    It looks remarkably like an Audi mixed in with a bit of Merc styling, not particularly interesting or original.