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  • I've also got almost-new Austin wheels with only 6,100 miles on 225 Hankook tires.
    I see that you've recently tried to unload a similar set, and that you've posted a lot here.

    In your opinion, is this forum an effective place to sell OEM Austins?

    Or should I just market on Craigslist to VW/Mercedes/Audi owners with a 5x112 bolt pattern?

    Thanks in advance for your advice,
    Alrighty, I do have a 5mm wrench that is suppose to work on the rod but it’s so hard to work back there.. am I suppose to be twisting the fat part opposite the but or twist the rod? And can the rod be removed from both sides and not mess anything up? As in completely unscrew it from the wastegate
    Hey buddy, I was trying to adjust my is38 wastegate which we had running alright some sputters at 3.6 lower and 3.59 acknowledge. After a week or so it dropped to 3.56 and no longer ran the same. We did put loctite on the threads. So I go back and unbolt the jam and before I knew it I plugged the obdeleven and acknowledge was at 4.5 and the rod barely spins down to 4.4? Where do you think I messed up?
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