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    September 12th Tax Update Breakfast Seminar

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    2020 Kia Soul?

    Yea good car, GTI is better and there's no point in owning both.
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    May 23rd Lunch Seminar Invitation

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    May 22nd Calgary Lunch Seminar

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    WTB Catted DP MK7 GOLF R

    Hello I'd like to purchase a catted DP for mk7 Golf r. Thanks, Jordan DM me
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    Talk me out of leaving VW

    Well I live in Canada and we get way more snowfall than you guys in kentucky, never felt inadequate with my FWD's as long as I had snow tires. Now I have AWD with the Golf R and its more fun in winter honestly than summer. A truck can fit all the junk easily but it will have more road noise,have...
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    Kia Stinger...

    A Heavy but good compact/mid size lux sedan vs passats, a5's, 3 series ect. More power(365hp/377tq), practicality and luxury for a good price. Don't hate just because its a kia.
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    Scraping/Grinding Noise when going over bumps

    Car runs just fine but occasionally i hear a grinding or scraping noise over small bumps the same sound it makes when you bottom out over a speed bump sometimes ticking noises aswell possibly worn struts?. Anyone else ever heard something similar? Car has just over 60k stock suspension, makes...
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    How to remove touch up without damaging paint?

    I had a small cluster of stone chips on my hood and I stupidly painted the surrounding area about 1x1 inch with VW touch up pen and it looks horrible. I have heard that laquer thinner works for some people or langka blob remover but I'm not sure what to do. color is lapis blue
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    Paint Chip on Trunk In Winter

    Hit a light post by accident when I opened the hatch and now theres a kernel sized chip, retarded. Anyways its snowy like hell -10 and I'm worried about the hatch rusting should I wait a couple weeks until spring gets here or use touch up paint in the cold?
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    WTB Neuspeed Power Module

    Im in Toronto, Canada looking to buy a used Neuspeed Power Module 64.10.15 for a 2016 Golf R will pay shipping.
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    WTB Neuspeed Power Module

    Looking to buy a Neuspeed Power Module for a Golf R I'll pay 250+shipping for it. Thanks
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    Camaro ZL1 1LE or Shelby GT350

    The new camaro's are amazing especially the 1LE, totally different animal than the 5th gen in regards to handling.
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    Golf R Winter Mats

    Hi I was wondering if Golf R's and GTI's share the same mat size as Im going to be purchasing GTI monster mats for my R. Link to ad: Thanks
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    Launch Control-Good Idea or not?

    Hi, I just got my 2016 golf r DSG from a lease transfer 3 days ago so I don't know that much about the vehicle. I have heard different opinions about the effect of LC on the drivetrain- some people say it will void your warranty and destroy your trans, others say VW encourages it and it will...