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    i wouldnt worry they will get back to you, you can try in a few days to email them if youre worried. the parts will get to you
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    Thule Aeroblade 53" Bar Overhang (or any roof rack's where the bars hang over)

    love my Aero 53 not a huge overhand but i can hold a huge box and then a bike on either side
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    Sudden Perfume Smell

    to me your smelling the washer fluid it smells great
  4. tonipepperoni77

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    20k or so on spark plugs tune should be plenty fine. In theory you will know when you need new spark plugs
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    Wireless Carplay option

    ive used this works great but i sold it, i like my ddock, super simple to slide the phone right in without looking and up comes carplay, if i didnt already have the ddock for 3 years this would have been my option
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    love eacca have done over 10 orders with them
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    APR dealer in Metro boston area?

    cant go wrong with auto engineering or Speedlife!
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    Sold : McGard Lug Bolts - Black - 28mm - Cone

    ah ok that makes sense, so these will work with aftermarket wheels for our cars since they are cone seat correct? if so i am interested. by chance would you take $150 shipped?
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    Sold : McGard Lug Bolts - Black - 28mm - Cone

    why are they so expensive ? is there something that makes them worth the price?
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    17 GTI S Chirping Noise

    i get this noise like 3 times at cold start then goes away
  11. tonipepperoni77

    APR dealer in Metro boston area?

    speedlife in haverhill !
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    Coolant leaking

    the new g13 from VW is pink
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    Neuspeed 19x8.5 Hyper black with Conti 5ps

    sorry for the late response ! i'm right on the border of MA and RI so your not far from me