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    Throwing a CEL with IE catted downpipe?

    I was throwing a code with my new IE catted downpipe. I decided to try to space out the o2 sensor. I guess I got lucky with my first try, because after a reset and over 100 miles and 5 cycles I have not gotten the CEL back. I had a bank 1 catalyst efficiency below threshold. I used a Dorman...
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    MK7 3D Printed Clutch Stop

    So I designed a clutch stop that can be printed on a 3d printer if anyone has one. I have been using it for months now, and it's great. 3D Printed Clutch Stop
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    Southbend Stage 2 Daily

    Who on here is running this clutch? Hoping to actually hear chatter in person and feel the clutch pedal, since the clutch on my R is toast.
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    What's the current situation with the RSR Clutch?

    So I have the dreaded premature stock slippage at below 20k miles. Looking to upgrade to the RSR kit, but the HS tuning one is a bit pricey for some stock parts. What's the current deal with the part numbers issue? I know FCP had some issue with the wrong pressure plate or something.
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    Rotella t6

    Is anyone on here running rotella t6? Figured it would perform pretty well on this engine.
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    Wheel bearing at 8k miles

    Had a bad front passenger wheel bearing at 8k miles. Took me until 12k to complain. I thought it was my cont's singing in the highway, until I switched to winters and still had the noise. Dealership replaced it under warranty. Insult to injury, the day before my fob completely died. Not a bad...
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    The Manual Golf R 1st to 2nd wonky gear shift discussion.

    So, I just cam back over to the gas world from my stage 2 mk6 Golf TDI. Did the buyback and got a 17 manual R. I very quickly noticed that you need to rev match when shifting from 1st to second, otherwise its a rather rough shift. By rough I mean oscillating. The car will lurch forward and back...
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    What are you listening to?

    Currently listening to my teacher rambling off topic for 20 minutes. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2