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    Smoking after Brake Line install

    I installed stainless steel brake lines and replaced my brake fluid last night on my mk7 GTI. I didn't do brake pads or calipers. I only cracked the two bolts for the ends of the brake lines and the bleeder valve bolt. I drove around the neighborhood a couple times and stopped because the...
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    Delphi End Links for GTI

    I watched the DAP rear sway bar install video and then went outside to install my new rear sway bar. Got the OEM bar out and then broke the end links while trying to get them off. I considered just purchasing aftermarket adjustables like Eurocode or SuperPro, getting OEM replacements from...
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    WTB: Engine mount (GTI)

    Open to offers for BFI, Torque Solns, or other aftermarket for a GTI
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    Budget Clutch Installer

    Is there anyone in Ohio or KY who would do a clutch install privately on the side for a GTI?