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    APR Golf R up for sale

    Assuming there is a 3-8k repair bill lurking somewhere in the ownership (Haldex/dsg/engine failure), if the seller could be talked down to 36k its not a bad deal. But when dealers are already struggling to sell new ones, I'd say a fair price is closer to 31k . Sellers gotta understand that mods...
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    Golf R seats

    Personally, I dont think this is the car for a really big guy. It's still a compact at the end of the day. Much better suited to a gently used Porsche Panamera, Audi SQ5, Porsche Macan, or Audi S7. If looking in the similar family and feel of cars.
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    DSG ruins it for me

    :ROFLMAO: This thread downshifted fast.
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    DSG ruins it for me

    These are not prude Suzy homemaker cars. They are kinky mistresses like to be spanked and driven hard. They want a man who puts his foot down and tells her what to do. If you are wishy washy, it will try to guess whether you are slowing down or speeding up. I would say get a dsg tune but if...
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    VW Wanted New Golf R With 5 Cylinder Engine

    I think the 50k Golf RS is what all the enthusiast want. I would settle for a used RS3 sportback after 2 years depreciation. if no one buys the RS6, audi probably wont bring many more rs models over the pond . Maybe they will depreciate fast
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    Swirl Marks

    The swirl marks are unavoidable even with ceramic coat. If you are concerned about paint then wrap it in PPF.
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    4motion/Haldex service intervals

    Sunny weather driven - factory recommended 30k If you have a lot of rain, sleet, snow, etc- I'd say drop it to 20k If you do launches all the time - 15 to 20k probably. people have had them fail. I have little to no precipitation and my filter was clean at 20k. *not sure if 7 spd is different...
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    If you are or have been stage 2 ...

    Well I last smoked an E53 AMG Cabrio, so I guess if you have a comparable tune to APR Stg II, sure :D
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    If you are or have been stage 2 ...

    At last. Welcome OP... I imagine that right now you're feeling a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole? I can see it in your post. you have the look of a poster who accepts his lack of warranty because he is expecting to have fun. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. Do you...
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    16 MK7R APR Stage 1

    If my calculations are correct... You are about 118k late on your Mk7's scheduled modification intervals. You should consult your shop service tech immediately about any black friday pricing specials.
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    Next mods? If any?

    I'm currently running: APR Stage 2 software AMS Downpipe IE Intercooler Eventuri Intake System APR turbo inlet elbow PS4S tires on Pretoria What do you guys think I should go with next for more fun I'm considering : Rear Sway bar Exhaust System Haldex tune Turbo upgrade... (I don't want to...
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    Replacement part help

    Can anyone help me? I have the worst luck. I went to install my S2T paddles for a Golf R and I dropped the left pin and cannot find it anywhere. I've done everything short of removing the seat to find it. Anyone know if I can order the pivot pin without the whole assembly? Thanks in advance.
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    APR Box Code Issue PSA

    The latest Software revision by VW actually changed the Box Code on my MY17 Golf R. I guess its a new one and APR needs to access an ECU at their shop in Alabama to write the new tune. So if anyone still does warranty services at the dealer, i suggest you specify you don't want them to flash...
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    What Are The Best Looking OEM Wheels?

    What the detroits should have been...