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    Cheapest place to buy 034 RSB?

    Can anyone point me in the direction to find the cheapest 034 RSB in the US please? (Before you say Google it, I'm not currently in the US and because of the way search engines work the 90% of the results im getting are for the country I'm currently in 😊).
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    750bhp Stock Motor R.

    I went out for a couple of drives with the owner of this car on typically damp and greasy UK roads when it was 'only' pushing out around 550hp and he had a few issues putting the power down then so with around 200hp more I think it would have struggled to produce the 0-60 times you might expect...
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    DSC Sport Active Suspension Controller

    Is this marketed purely for the 7.5 or cs it be fitted to the 7 as well?
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    Whiteline or Superpro rear sway bar - 22mm

    Thats interesting .. its the first I've heard about this. From everything I've read and heard the 034 RSB is probably the best out there with zero issues. The 'only' potential issue i'v ever heard is with the spherical bearings end links that can sometimes be noisy if not routinely maintained.
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    Legit Speed Designs VW MK7 Golf-R Rear Diffuser Fins

    Has anyone fitted Legit Speed Designs VW MK7 Golf-R Rear Diffuser Fins? Thoughts?!?
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    Whiteline or Superpro rear sway bar - 22mm

    There's a 2nd hand 034 bar on ebay that about the same price as either of these new. I'd prefer a 034 bar as they are black but wondering if the the mounting bushes could be worn.
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    Whiteline or Superpro rear sway bar - 22mm

    Just wondering what peoples options are regarding a 22mm Whiteline or Superpro rear sway bar. Is one better than the other or are they both quite simlar They are both roughly the same price but the Whiteline one is coming in a little cheaper
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    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Yes the TTS work perfectly. They're even better after doing just one of the OBD11 mods too!
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    Macan Vs TTS callipers

    Thought I'd add a photo pg the freshly cleaned brakes!
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    Painting Exhaust tips successfully

    Holy crap thats $280 for the R!!!!! Forgot to mention I posted on the wrong exhaust forum. 🙃
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    Painting Exhaust tips successfully

    A buddy had his tips powder coated and it came off on his first track day and power coating is only good to about 200C
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    Painting Exhaust tips successfully

    Has anyone out there successfully painted their exhaust tips so they didn't flake a actually lasted? Painted the 4 chrome tips on my R about 2 months ago and the paint from 2 of the tips has flaked off really badly. I thought I did as good a job as can be done with the chrome and used what...
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    Macan Vs TTS callipers

    My pedal is higher with the TTS callipers than it was with the OE R callipers. I did the OBD11 mod and the initial bite is a little soft (no longer over servoed) but really firms up the harder you press the pedal.
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    Macan Vs TTS callipers

    My stands are obviously too wide. I have to jack the car up with a small trolley jack on the pinch point, I then have to use the larger trolley (low profile) Cosco jack under the subframe bolt. That then takes the weight for me to remove the small jack and replace it with my axle stand. Its a...