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    Question about spacers

    Def interested in this exact question, please post up anything that you find. I just installed my ultraleggera's with a drop, and wanting to put spacers on as well. I was looking at a 5mm front and the 8mm rear.
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    Stage 3 (IS38) Integrated Engineering and found a way to pass Texas emissions?

    my gti (is38 with catted downpipe) is due for inspection here in the next couple months. I'm down in austin, but I don't expect to have any troubles passing. I've never heard of the "flash back to stock" deal before. hell, before I had the GTI, i had a c7 with long tubes with catless mid...
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    Has anyone had their clutch replaced in Austin?

    if you decide you want to do the work yourself, let me know I'm down to help wrench, and could even host a wrenching party. An upgraded clutch is probably in my near future, and I wouldn't mind doing the work myself and save the 1200-1400 I've heard quoted.
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    First time VW Owner - Stage 3 IS38 - Austin TX

    I haven't noticed any slipping, seems to be holding so far.
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    First time VW Owner - Stage 3 IS38 - Austin TX

    It feels like a factory clutch, and I couldn't find any evidence of the clutch being upgraded. I need to figure out how to re-tune it for 93. There's no handheld with it, and I think the ECM was just flashed (if that's how they apply the APR tune). What's needed to update the tune?
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    First time VW Owner - Stage 3 IS38 - Austin TX

    Ha! I should have posted that. So this is what I know of the car (based on receipts) 2017 GTI SE - 6spd IS38 Hybrid Unknown FMIC APR Carbon Fiber Intake and Inlet Neuspeed catted DP APR Silicone Coolant Hose APR Shift kit GFB DV+ Diverter Valve with TMS Advantage APR Catch Can Eurotek...
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    First time VW Owner - Stage 3 IS38 - Austin TX

    I just recently acquired a GTI from my late father. From what I can tell it's a stage 3 with an IS38. I don't know much about this chassis/setup/etc. Anything I need to keep an eye out for? And recommendations for local groups? Thanks!