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  • Man that sucks, I broke my sway link bolt using an impact gun before I realised what I had to actually remove in order to pop the rear strut out. Throughout the week of driving around with the loose sway link Id constantly hear clunking. Just got new OE ones that look thicker than stock and the clunk is gone. Thats pretty much the only noise Ive had to deal with. Loving my ST's though I've got about 3 threads left not sure what my FTG is yet Ill measure tomorow!
    Wow well thats interesting might not be worth the extra 100$ in the end. Might get the TT's if mine get worn down then..still debating! Thanks for the update though bud keep in touch.
    Hows it going bud? I ended getting my ST's installed looks and feels awesome! Wondering if you had gotten those 034 mounts and had a chance to test them out?
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